December 2, 2020

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Seattle Hoo’s 2020-21 Virginia Men’s Basketball Season Hype Video


We can’t just cheer for them on game day. We need to hear them on all days. Our athletes are human beings with voices, and they need to be heard. Right now they are saying, “Basketball is not enough. We can’t just stick to basketball. Our freedom, our lives are at stake.”

As we prepare for the new basketball season, let’s appreciate the work of our heroes, anticipate their artistry in 2020-21, and at the same time, hear their Voices.

22 hours ago
Ken Pomeroy joins us on the HOOcast to talk trash about Jeff Goodman and pimp his Hokies. ๐Ÿ˜œ No, it’s really a geeky talk about rankings and offense, but yes he does explain Goodman’s wacky poll…
4 days ago
@HoozGotNext Learning a new offense, and these are the first opportunities to try it out. And a lot of new players needing to learn how hard your cuts need to be. And we refuse to believe that this offense is fully implemented. No ball screens? There will be ball screens. Patience.
4 days ago
It’s football game day, but FIRST Seattle and Val look at the two basketball games and get into why the Fall of the Hoo Dynasty is not a tragedy. This one is fun, and will go well with your coffee before you get into football!
7 days ago
We talked about it. We threatened you with it. Now it is here. HOOS Place Studio Presents:
Down On the Corner
This is our first episode, and it is accordingly rough ๐Ÿ˜œ