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Hoo Friends Benefits

Updated on September 17, 2017 by Seattle Hoo

The Donate Button is not simply a way for you to support the site; it is also an invitation.  All donors become Hoo Friends with Friends Benefits.*

What are the Hoo Friends Benefits?  They are better than a booty call!  No, we do not provide hookers.  For that, call Rick Pitino.  No, the Hoo Friends Benefits come in three basic forms:

1) Media - HOOS Place produces a few different kinds of media items, to which Friends will have constant access.  Individual media items will be publicly displayed, linked or offered now and then at our discretion, but regular access to our entire media library is restricted to Friends.  Media items could be:

* The Highlights Database.  Beginning with the 2015-16 season, and in its current, full form with the 2016-17 season, we maintain a collection of video highlights for each game, linked to a database of tags enabling the search for particular highlights.  This season will see the premiere of an expanded array of indexed highlights, including for the first time highlights of Unsuccessful Possessions.

* Scouting/Recap Videos.  These are basically raw compilations of plays indexed and tagged by player, game, etc.  Recruits will have Scouting Videos.  In future, we plan to offer Scouting Videos of opposing teams and players.  Recap Videos will be posted after every game.

* Cinematics.  We will put together a Senior Day Tribute for each graduating senior (or grad transfer), and other tributes as seem appropriate (like the Chris Williams Tribute).  Then there are the Hype Videos, like everyone's favorite.  And yes, that public link could go dead some day, but Archives last forever.

* In the future, a podcast and a vidcast are planned, and other ideas are percolating to be considered for long-range plans.

2) Reports - Most textual content will always be 'open source.'  But we will be generating more in-depth Scouting Reports of the type we produced for Luther Muhammad and Kody Stattmann.  We also will have StLouHoo's game previews for every Hoo game.  Trust me, these things will make it easier to follow the game as it's being played and really see what the two teams are doing.

One major difference between public write-ups and Scouting Reports is that we will be far more forthright with the analysis in the restricted access reports.  Want to know the flaws and weaknesses we see, the mistakes we observed?  We're not going to publicly pick apart kids' basketball games, but we will discreetly share a complete analysis with our Friends.

3) Interactivity. Planned site enhancements will enable more interaction with staff and amongst Friends.

 * Donation does not purchase Friends access, nor is donation required in order to obtain such access.  We show our appreciation for donations by extending Friends access for a period of time.  Individuals who offer value to the site in other ways could also receive Friends Benefits, at our sole discretion.  The nice thing about being online and using noms de plume is we cannot possibly discriminate on the basis of your race, gender, BMI or nose shape.

The above is just the basics.  We will have miscellaneous, spontaneous, and special event offerings as well.  It's all about fun: what we will have fun creating, and what we think you will have fun enjoying.

This is what we offer and what we hope to do. To get the Benefits and help us fullfill our Mission, please donate:

Mission Statement

Updated on September 17, 2017 by Seattle Hoo

Our mission for this site is to provide the best Virginia Basketball content on the web.  It's a tall order, because there's a lot of damn good content already out there.  But we're not going to shy away from the challenge any more than Tony Bennett and the Hoos are going to go away just because of some obstacles and bad games.

With Kendall, we can also go after Virginia Football and bring you the best damn football content, too.  Kendall gets down in the trenches, where it's dirty and violent and where the wars are won and lost.

My Mission Statement

Updated on September 17, 2017 by StLouHoo

After well over a decade being a regular reader and participant on a number of UVA-centric websites and message boards, I began to wonder if I might have something unique to offer this crowded marketplace. I consider myself not just an ardent fan of Virginia athletics, but ACC basketball as well. So when offered the opportunity to write for Hoos Place, I knew immediately what I wanted to bring to the table, something I felt wasn't being addressed elsewhere, and that's integrating a comprehensive look at the ACC as a whole into our writings on Virginia basketball. So you'll see some great game previews from me that look closely at both our team and the opponent, and thorough looks around the conference to best appreciate how our program fits in among the other fourteen. We're glad you've found your way to Hoos Place. Hope you enjoy it!

My Mission Statement

Updated on September 17, 2017 by Kendall

I'm a Virginia fan since the late '80s, Mega Hoofan since 1992, UVA student 1995-1999, CLAS '99, message board warrior since the turn of the century, Virginia sports blogger since 2009, and now finding a happy home here on Hoos Place.  Huge thanks to Seattle and StLou for welcoming me into their midst.  I aim to deliver some honest and unflinching op-ed covering Virginia Football (specializing on the offensive line, trench warfare, roster construction, and offensive Xs and Os), with some dabbling in the realms of basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and women's hoops.  You'll notice that I tend to gleefully overuse profanity in my writing, so here's your parental warning.  Otherwise, I try to stay slanted at least slightly toward optimism, but I do endeavor to keep it as real as possible.  Boom.  That's the self-scouting report.  Enjoy!

 As part of providing the best Virginia Basketball (and Football! And maybe next year Baseball! and Soccer! and whatever else someone wants to write about!) content on the web we want to provide information and data to help our readers increase their enjoyment of the games; independent critical analysis of the teams, including program management; and help build buzz and excitement for our teams and players, recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments.

Sports is entertainment, but it also is tribal, a way for humans to express community attachment.  The sports we get passionate about are the ones where we identify ourselves with the participants.  That's what draws us so intensely to our college sports.  We are part of this community with them.  We all have a mission.  The coaches and players and team managers devote themselves to putting forth best effort in the arena of play, while we as fans devote ourselves to supporting their efforts, adding our passion to theirs putting our energy behind them.  Thus is it more for us than just providing information to readers.  It is making our small contribution to the community's success.  Maybe we, like little JoJo McDodd can contribute our "YOPP".

One part color commentator, one part social gadfly, and one part hype man, my main goal is to realize my lifelong dream of being a guru.  I never knew until recently that guru specifically was what I was dreaming of being, but that's it.  It just hit me one day, like the flat of a dull sabre.  It's perfect: you just have to be old and speak gibberish.  I can do that.  And even better is that the more demented and nonsensical your ravings become, the more attention people will pay, the more seriously they will take you, interpreting and parsing your words.  I'm going to devote my nights and days to getting older and more nonsensical so that I too can be a guru! #wannabeaguru