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Updated October 14 , 2019 by Seattle Hoo

This will be built out and kept updated as new info becomes available, either adding names, taking them off, or updating our status (to include our roster situation as needed).

Note: I list HS recruits only if there's been a media report that UVA is involved (evaluating, offered, communicating). For transfers, however, since intel is often scarce, I list those that either (a) there's real speculation, (b) there was a HS recruiting relationship, or (c) they are an ACC level talent and meet an area of need.

Interest level is largely subjective based on publicly available knowledge, is intended to reflect a combination of (a) UVA's interest in the recruit, (b) the recruit's interest in UVA, and (c) the speed with which the recruitment is approaching the finish line (i.e., still wide open? finalists announced? commitment date set?). It is intended to help fans understand on which recruits to focus most:

Hot - UVA is a legit finalist and a decision is imminent
Warm - there's mutual love and we're in the lead pack (though not necessarily the leader)
Moderate - there's mutual interest but it's still early enough not to get too invested
Cool - there's a two-way relationship but nothing to indicate much movement anytime soon.

All star-ratings and rankings shown are taken from 247Sports' in-house when available.

Scholarship situation - 12 projected eligible for 2020-21 season: (Listed by projected graduation year)

2021 (3): PF/C Jay Huff, F Sam Hauser, G Tomas Woldetensae;
2022 (2): PG Kihei Clark, SF Kody Stattmann
2023 (3): C Francisco Caffaro, G Casey Morsell, F Justin McKoy;
2024 (4): C Kadin Shedrick, F/G Jabri Abdur-Rahim, G Carson McCorkle, G Reece Beekman

Available 2020 scholarships: 1

Available 2021 scholarships: (unused 2020 plus) 3

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