The Wahoo Faithful Disclaimer

Updated May 25, 2017 by Seattle Hoo

Welcome to Hoos Place. This is the place for independent analysis and commentary on Virginia Basketball. Hoos Place will ALWAYS be independent. I will shut this site down and retire to a beach bum bar in the U.S. Virgin Islands before I will join or sell it to a network.

Warning! HERESY will be committed here. This site will dare to not only suggest but directly allege that Coach Tony Bennett is human, that he makes mistakes and lapses in judgment, and that he really is Just Like Us. He is a fallible human being who is excellent at his Profession.

I speak for myself, and I hope for any others who might some day contribute content to this site (inquiries always welcome), when I say that I am fully cognizant of the fact that I am an amateur and not in possession of nearly as much quality information or knowledge of the intricacies of being a professional college basketball coach as is Coach Tony Bennett. We get it, we don't need to be told, and we make our criticisms with the utmost respect for the professional ability and integrity of Coach Tony Bennett and his entire staff. Same goes for the young men who put on the colors and enter the Arena.

And finally, please note that criticism does not equal a belief that the coach should be replaced or is not doing an excellent job. Nobody on this site is even hinting that Coach Tony Bennett is not doing an excellent job or should be replaced. Nor does it mean that we think we could do a better job or know more than he does. These disclaimers should not be necessary; they should be understood by all educated, reasoning men. Yet, far too often, loyal dissent is taken as sedition. We are heretical; not seditious.