December 5, 2020

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Our mission for this site is to provide the best Virginia sports content on the web.  It’s a tall order, because there’s a lot of damn good content out there.  But we’re not going to shy away from the challenge any more than Tony Bennett and the Hoos are going to go away just because of some obstacles and bad games.

As part of providing the best Virginia sports content on the web we want to provide information and data to help our readers increase their enjoyment of the games; independent critical analysis of the teams, including program management; and help build buzz and excitement for our teams and players, recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments.

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Our Authors



Lead Content Engineer

A Wahoo diehard since attending summer camp in Charlottesville as a 5th grader, I graduated from the E-School in 2003, which puts me in the Mapp/Mason/Watson class.

I've bounced around the country since, for a time in St Louis, currently in San Antonio (go Spurs). I thank the heavens for the digital streaming age in which we live for the ability to maintain my addiction to Virginia athletics no matter my time zone.

Seattle Hoo

Seattle Hoo

Master Polemicist

A fan of UVA basketball since Ralph Sampson was a sophomore and I was in high school, I was blessed to receive two degrees from UVA and attend many amazing games. Online since 1993, HOOS Place is my second UVA sports website, having founded HOOpS Online in 1995.

Karl Hess

Karl Hess

Not a Real Ref

My first real Wahoo memory was waking up from a nap at the end of the 1984 Peach Bowl to discover that the Hoos were victorious. I was hooked as a fan and enthusiastically supported the home state team as a six year old and ever since.

My first live Wahoo sporting event was the home football game against VPI in 1987 with my Hokie grandfather, my grandmother, and my younger brother. The Hoos won when they stopped a Hokie two point conversion at the end and my grandfather threatened to make me walk home from Charlottesville.

Val Prochaska

Val Prochaska

Voice of HOOS Place

I was a fan of ACC basketball long before I attended the University. I came to UVa hoping to walk on to the men's soccer team, then I saw John Harkes and knew I wasn't going any further with my soccer.

So, I started coaching, and some 35 years later, I'm still coaching, mostly girls. If we believe in an egalitarian society, if we think women ought to be "gutsy," then girls ought to have the same athletic opportunities as the boys. Thanks to the ACC Network finally adding women's soccer to their lineup, I have the chance to see our women in action.



Master Blogger

I'm Central Virginia born and raised, a 2010 UVa graduate, and have been a Virginia fan since the late 90s, so I've seen some bad football and basketball (though the tide seems to be turning), but also some great moments, including in my first year when Sean Singletary, JR Reynolds, and the rest of the Hoos nearly led the team to the Sweet 16, the 2007 Chris Long-fueled football success, and the first season of Tony Bennett during my fourth year, when the overall record wasn't positive, but the blueprint was laid for the success we see now. I also attended my first UVa baseball game in 2004, which coincidentally was Brian O'Connor's first season at the school. Since fall 2010, I've been chronicling my thoughts on UVa sports with a blog of my own, Amped Up, at There, I've been able to write about the rise of Bennett's program, the optimism and then downfall of the Mike London era, the rebirth of the football program under Bronco Mendenhall, and also the baseball team's surprise run to the 2015 College World Series title.


Arthur C. Clarke Impersonator

According to, I write like Arthur C. Clarke. I used to do so at my own little corner called From Old Virginia.

Sports is entertainment, but it also is tribal, a way for humans to express community attachment.  The sports we get passionate about are the ones where we identify ourselves with the participants.  That’s what draws us so intensely to our college sports.  We are part of this community with them.  We all have a mission.  The coaches and players and team managers devote themselves to putting forth best effort in the arena of play, while we as fans devote ourselves to supporting their efforts, adding our passion to theirs, putting our energy behind them.  Thus is it more for us than just providing information to readers.  It is making our small contribution to the community’s success.  Maybe we, like little JoJo McDodd, can contribute our “YOPP”.

Join us.

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