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Not born and raised a Hoo, but made one for life after four years in Charlottesville that had me aging faster than I could have ever imagined. Raised in NJ, graduated Class of 2019 and headed down to Miami to start real life -- hoping this blog can help keep me sane all the way. Wahoowa!

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It’s been over two months since the Virginia men’s basketball team cut down the nets in Minneapolis for the first time in school history. The weight has finally been taken off of Cavalier fans who thought they would never get to experience their team reach the mountaintop – with a title in tow, we all finally got to relax and enjoy the moment.


[Editor's Note: Hoos Place is proud to welcome Alec to our team of writers. Alec is a new graduate of the University, and was a 2018 sports editor for The Cavalier Daily.  He has chosen to continue his sports writing at Hoos Place, benefiting us with his passion, talent, and skills as a sports journalist and analyst.  Please join us in welcoming Alec.  This is his inaugural article.]

Two months of unprecedented boiling speculation from Virginia ba...