I'm Central Virginia born and raised, a 2010 UVa graduate, and have been a Virginia fan since the late 90s, so I've seen some bad football and basketball (though the tide seems to be turning), but also some great moments, including in my first year when Sean Singletary, JR Reynolds, and the rest of the Hoos nearly led the team to the Sweet 16, the 2007 Chris Long-fueled football success, and the first season of Tony Bennett during my fourth year, when the overall record wasn't positive, but the blueprint was laid for the success we see now. I also attended my first UVa baseball game in 2004, which coincidentally was Brian O'Connor's first season at the school. Since fall 2010, I've been chronicling my thoughts on UVa sports with a blog of my own, Amped Up, at http://aaronampedup.blogspot.com. There, I've been able to write about the rise of Bennett's program, the optimism and then downfall of the Mike London era, the rebirth of the football program under Bronco Mendenhall, and also the baseball team's surprise run to the 2015 College World Series title.

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It's been a little more than two months since Virginia won the national championship. It's amazing to sit back and think about how the team's tournament run unfolded, especially the last three games. It's still unbelievable to think that so many things had to go right for the Wahoos to win the title, and they did. For the first time, it felt like Virginia was the one getting the breaks.

The anatomy of winning a close game

Posted on April 15, 2019, in The Team by Hooamp.

It's been a week since the unthinkable happened and the Virginia Cavaliers won the 2019 NCAA men's basketball championship. Ten years ago, spring of my third year at the school, Dave Leitao completed his last season coaching the program, and the team won 10 games. Not 10 ACC games. Ten total games. What an amazing decade it has been.

Has it sunk in for you yet? It is all still pretty surreal to me, but having now bought -- ahem -- four T-shirts, a pennant, multi...

Virginia prevailed 80-75 in overtime over Purdue on Saturday in what can only be described as an unbelievable Elite Eight game to reach its third overall Final Four and first since 1984.

I think we should step back for a second and marvel again at the game-tying play at the end of regulation (What will the nickname of the play end up being?). That was a true freshman in Kihei Clark that had the wherewithal to not panic, not throw up a half-court shot, and to som...