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My first real Wahoo memory was waking up from a nap at the end of the 1984 Peach Bowl to discover that the Hoos were victorious. I was hooked as a fan and enthusiastically supported the home state team as a six year old and ever since.

My first live Wahoo sporting event was the home football game against VPI in 1987 with my Hokie grandfather, my grandmother, and my younger brother. The Hoos won when they stopped a Hokie two point conversion at the end and my grandfather threatened to make me walk home from Charlottesville.

While college basketball is my favorite sport, Brian O'Connor's baseball program is my favorite team on Grounds. The 2015 championship run will always hold a special place in my memory as I watched most of the games with my newborn son.

Pro Bronco since the hire too. Go Hoos!

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Final Bowl Projections

Posted on December 6, 2019 in The Team by Karl Hess.

Bowl selections are made on Sunday. Here at HoosPlace, that means that it's time to go on the record with final projections.

Kendall is back this week to pinch hit for Maize.

Note that these selections were made prior to the PAC 12 Championship Game. But Karl was selfishly on vacation this week and could not publish until late Friday night.

If you're reading this preview, the Virginia-Virginia Tech rivalry needs no introduction. The football programs may respect each other at the coach and administrative levels. But the players certainly do not like one another. And the fans? They can barely contain their disdain for the opposing side.

The athletic programs may compete hard in other sports. But in football, it's just different.

As the regular season winds down, there is at least some clarity regarding which teams will actually be eligible to participate in bowl games this year. There are still a ton of variables at play that will begin sorting themselves out this weekend. Those variables will go a long way towards determining the matchups.

We could sit around and wait for that. Or we could speculate wildly. Being wrong has never stopped us before and it won't now. On to the speculating...