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If you asked what a perfect season for UVA football would be, it'd certainly include the following: Beat Tech.  Beat Carolina.  Beat Maryland.  (On a related note: please DIAF, realignment.)  Win the Coastal Division.  Win the ACC CG.  Play in the Orange Bowl (normally reserved for the ACC champ.)  A berth in the playoff would be nice, and a national championship would be nice (or mind-bendingly amazing, but, same thing.)  But football's a different animal from basketball, and UVA will always have a cliff to climb in recruiting against the Amazon River of bag money that flows to players at schools like Alabama and Ohio State.

In a few short hours, UVA basketball will undergo a major status change: from reigning national champions to defending national champions.  It's a good time to reflect one last time on how it happened, before turning our attention to whether it can happen again.

Before the tournament, a Sabre poster whose name I don't remember submitted the following question: Would you turn the UMBC game into a win and eventual Final Four trip - but not a championship - an...


The After Picture

Posted on September 11, 2019 in The Team by MaizeAndBlueWahoo.

It was just like old times.  The announcers talked about that one time Mike London almost got shot in the face and his team gave up a 102-yard kick return literally right as they told the story.  Both are just about a guarantee when watching a London-coached team on TV.

The final score was 52-17, which is pretty remarkable for a game in which you don't even have to be a nitpicking pessimist to find execution problems.  It was a five-touchdown blow...