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Once upon a time I sat in front of my TV and watched my guts get slowly pulled out in front of me.  Nine years ago, to be quasi-exact.  As any hockey fan knows, there's no better postseason anywhere than the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And as any Red Wings fan knows, the playoffs are an annual rite of spring that almost always end with your guts on the floor.  They're there because you once had the legitimate, real hope that this was the year Stanley would come home.  Occasionally it happened.  Four times in my life so far, actually.  (Stanley is hoisted by team after team, faithfully, every year, but somehow it only looks right when the winged wheel is under...

Faulty Compass

Posted on October 31, 2018, in The Team by MaizeAndBlueWahoo.

My original idea for this week's column got short-circuited when I realized: I no longer have any real idea how to tell the difference between a good ACC team and a bad one.

It started with this thought: wow, the rest of the teams on our schedule are some pretty mediocre-ass looking outfits.  Yes, all of them.  Yes, I know what that means.  Actually, it's probably our whole division that's mediocre and we're taking full advantage right now.  ...


Posted on October 28, 2018, in The Team by MaizeAndBlueWahoo.

Normally I'd wait til the middle of the week to post, because real life, but I've learned not to wait when ideas are presented on a silver platter.  The TV announcers did just that yesterday by pointing out that this was UVA's first undefeated October since 2008.

Groh-tober!  That's what 2008 was.  And to a lesser, non-undefeated extent, 2009.  The phenomenon in which Al Groh seemingly rescues a lost season by running roughshod over every foe...