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The football season is over as of yesterday.  So what better time to write about football?

Actually, no, I'm not being facetious.  I just witnessed literally the most successful UVA football season I've ever seen, so it demands at least a handful of retrospective words.  (My UVA fandom officially dates back to 2000 and the BYU game that opened the "new" Scott Stadium.)

Last month after the win over Tech, I wrote that the Hoos had earned themselves two bites at the big-boy-football apple.  Chance number one did not go particularly well.  Chance number two is upon us.

The Hoos gave up 62 points to Clemson, which is going to happen when you face Clemson's offense without your all-American cornerback - and the players still on the field leave their tackling skills on the bus.  And yet, even the 62-17 final score fel...

If you asked what a perfect season for UVA football would be, it'd certainly include the following: Beat Tech.  Beat Carolina.  Beat Maryland.  (On a related note: please DIAF, realignment.)  Win the Coastal Division.  Win the ACC CG.  Play in the Orange Bowl (normally reserved for the ACC champ.)  A berth in the playoff would be nice, and a national championship would be nice (or mind-bendingly amazing, but, same thing.)  But football's a different animal from basketball, and UVA will always have a cliff to climb in recruiting against the Amazon River of bag money that flows to players at schools like Alabama and Ohio State.