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Seattle Hoo is the 'nom de net' of Frederick Polli

Who am I? HOO am I. Seattle Hoo is the moniker I go by now. I have been a fan of University of Virginia men's basketball since fall of 1980, when at the age of 14 I had been moved to southeastern Virginia by the whims of my parents, and the UNCheat fans in the neighborhood reminded me far too much of the Dallas Cowboys fans in my neighborhood in Connecticut. Having been a Giants fan in Connecticut, my visceral revulsion of those little bastards pushed me to adopt the home team. This push was aided by my being a huge Thomas Jefferson fan, and by having read a Sports Illustrated article on Ralph Sampson in March. I wasn't really a basketball fan before moving to Virginia, but it being the Golden Age of ACC Hoops, I was quickly sucked in by the quality and grace of the game, and the passion of the fans.

Being a law student who chose to stay local upon graduation, I took in all the home games in the 1993-94, 1994-95 and 1995-96 seasons. I believe I was the first online content provider to obtain press access to UVA Basketball, when I started HOOpS Online and Rich Murray of the SID was kind enough to extend me credentials. HOOpS Online succumbed after a couple of years to the need to make a living for my family, but the passion for publishing and for UVA hoops has never subsided.

My personal perspective on sports tends to be from the head coach point of view. As a kid, I clued in very early that I would never be a player (small and slow with poor manual dexterity and agility is not a good combination for athletics), but loved sports and gravitated toward the strategic, tactical and player management aspects of the games. As an adult, I wound up coaching kids for fourteen years - first basketball, then soccer. My first coaching experience was in the Charlottesville City rec league’s 13-15 age group, where we won the championship by second year and advanced to the championship game my last. Coaching that group of kids was one of the highlights of my adulthood. Coaching U-12 premier soccer and U-14 advanced rec soccer in Hampton Roads, Virginia, was another. The psychology of coaching is my particular interest. To be a guru is my goal.

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Where there was smoke, there was, indeed, fire: Reece Beekman has committed to the University of Virginia.  When top-50 point guard Caleb Love abruptly canceled his planned June visit and dropped UVA from the list of schools recruiting him the hardest, many speculated that it was because Beekman had committed.  Then a number of 247Sports Crystal Balls flipped for UVA within four days in the first week of June, including Jamie Oakes who covers th...

Ship Defense Taking Shape

Posted on June 5, 2019, in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

It is now the end of May and the 2019-20 Virginia Basketball roster is most likely complete.  A scholarship is open, but no known candidate to take it and make a difference in 2019 is available.  We have heard of interest in one or two potential reclassifications from 2020, but none that would be likely to come to Virginia or to break into the rotation.  Knowing who the Hoos will have allows us to begin analyzing the talent and projecting things like lineups and prognosis - and color me excited.  I think we have a fabulous roster and expect a great season.  It will "be a down year" from 2018-19 but when you win over 30 games, the ACC regular season and the Nationa...

Following the NBA exodus of his biggest stars, Tony Bennett went out and added two players to his 2019 recruiting class.  Justin McKoy came first, a high school senior from Cary, North Carolina, to take De'Andre Hunter's scholarship (we will scout Justin soon).  Then he snuck up and poached junior college all-American Tomas Woldetensae from Illinois to step into the vacated backcourt alongside true freshman Casey Morsell.  Woldetensae could wind up being the final piece of the 2019-20 Cavaliers.  StLouHoo set out what kind of player Woldetensae is