A Wahoo diehard since attending summer camp in Charlottesville as a 5th grader, I graduated from the E-School in 2003, which puts me in the Mapp/Mason/Watson class.

I've bounced around the country since, for a time in St Louis, currently in San Antonio (go Spurs). I thank the heavens for the digital streaming age in which we live for the ability to maintain my addiction to Virginia athletics no matter my time zone.

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Let's rewind back to the fall of 2014. Virginia has just completed its magical run to an ACC title (both regular season and ACCT) and Sweet 16. It was the most successful season UVA had had in decades, certainly the most dominant we'd been in the ACC in a generation. But at the time, it was a one-time breakthrough and the future was still very uncertain. As we geared up for the 2014-15 season, recruiting (a 12-month-cycle) was going on in the background. Virginia had just welcomed to grounds a promising young group of freshmen and transfers in Jack Salt, Isaiah Wilkins, BJ Stith, Marial Shayok, and Darius Thompson. That offseason, Bennett had secured the verbal pledge of 2015 big man Jarr...

The Hoos are 14-6 right now, 6-4 in the ACC. By the standards of a lot of the league, that's not a bad record. By the multigenerational historical standards of UVA's program, that's not a bad record. But compared to the standards set by the past six seasons, that's a somewhat disappointing record.

There has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth from both the national arena and the UVA fan corners this season as we've watched this team struggle in ways we've gr...


Mining the Ivies

Posted on January 23, 2020 in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

We rarely talk much recruiting during the basketball season, but I let my brain go down a rabbit hole this week and thought it merited a post. We have three 2020 freshmen signed for next year, guys we recruited and signed over the previous two years. But every spring, UVA is involved in the "late cycle" of recruiting. That's the April/May recruiting cycle that focuses on last-minute high school seniors and transfers. Last year, to us, that meant successful signings of Justin McKoy, Tomas Woldetensae, and Sam Hauser. Francisco Caffaro was a late add in 2018, and in 2017 Tony welcomed Nigel Johnson and Francesco Badocchi at the proverbial 11th hour.