A Wahoo diehard since attending summer camp in Charlottesville as a 5th grader, I graduated from the E-School in 2003, which puts me in the Mapp/Mason/Watson class.

I've bounced around the country since, for a time in St Louis, currently in San Antonio (go Spurs). I thank the heavens for the digital streaming age in which we live for the ability to maintain my addiction to Virginia athletics no matter my time zone.

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We had our writers cast ballots for a slate of all-conference preseason honors, to include 1st and 2nd team, all-freshman, and player, rookie, and defensive player of the year. Twenty different players got votes for one of the two All-ACC teams, none a consensus, nine different freshmen got votes for the rookie team, but at least there was largely consensus in the player of the year debate. The takeaway? The top-level of talent isn't as clear cut, isn't as immediately obvious as it has been in years past. The ranking was so nebulous that a couple of our writers shied away from even picking beyond the first team.


Wednesday Reset - Week 9

Posted on October 23, 2019 in The Team by StLouHoo.

Week 8 is in the books with the Hoos running away from the Blue Devils. Time to recap the big win and reevaluate both the coming week and remaining road ahead:


Quick Hit Thoughts from the Game

The Hoos hadn't won since September 21st, so it was nearly four weeks without a win when Hoo fans poured into Scott on Sat...

[Note: a different version of this article ran in April in the wake of the national title. It has been modified to serve here as an introduction to our 2019-20 season preview.]


Back in April, right after the title game, I wrote