I was a fan of ACC basketball long before I attended the University, so unlike most alumni, I've never hated any team in the conference. That is, until Maryland turned tail and ran away to the B1G Ten. What a preposterous conference for a Mid Atlantic school. Now, I hate Maryland.

I came to UVa hoping to walk on to the men's soccer team, and I played well enough at tryouts to earn one full scrimmage against the team as they prepared for a game vs Clemson. I trained so hard that next summer, I was determined I was going to make the team 2nd year. Then I saw John Harkes and knew I wasn't going any further with my soccer.

So, I started coaching 2nd year for the Soccer Organization of Charlottesville and Albermarle, and some 35 years later, I'm still coaching. Over the years, I've gravitated towards girls. If we believe in an egalitarian society, if we think women ought to be "gutsy," then girls ought to have the same athletic opportunities as the boys.

I love women's sports. Well, except for field hockey. It's a wretched game, the cultural heir to Iowa women's basketball. Thanks to the ACC Network finally adding women's soccer to their lineup, I have the chance to see our women in action.

I'll try to make the ride as interesting as I can. Come on board!

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Of course it does.  That was a rhetorical question.

While most of Cavalier Nation is expecting a come-down year what with the loss of The Big Three, I am convinced that we are bringing back the most important piece of that team: Tony Bennett.


As I'm compiling this, it is almost 24 hours to the minute since Braxton Key sunk the second of his two free throws and the Virginia Cavaliers were crowned the king of college basketball.

We're not ready to stop talking about it.


The Shirt

Posted on April 8, 2019, in The Team by Valentine.

This is a story about a shirt. I'm sure all of us in Cavalier Nation have similar stories as we've accompanied Bennett and the Boys on the road to the national championship.

This is mine.