For those who follow the 2018 recruiting cycle, it's valuable to understand the NCAA rules governing visits and direct interactions between prospects and coaches. 

We're currently in a Quiet Period per the NCAA that has been in effect since late April. Quiet Periods generally mean that recruits are free to go on campus visits, but coaches can't go meet with the players elsewhere (like in their home, at their high school, etc). AAU events are exceptions which allow coaches to come and evaluate the players, though face-to-face contact is still prohibited. In this current Quiet Period, UVA has hosted a number of recruits for unofficial visits, to include Jaelin Llewellyn, David McCormack, and starting tomorrow Noah Locke, plus any who quietly visited before or after the NBPA Top 100 Camp earlier this month.

However, starting next Thursday, July 6th, the NCAA imposes a Dead Period. This means all face-to-face contact is prohibited, campus visits included (technically a recruit could tour a school without meeting with coaches, but that's beyond rare). Coaches and players can still call and text, but that's where it ends.

What does that mean for us recruiting junkies? Put visits out of your mind for a few weeks. The Dead Period runs through July 31st, after which we return to a quiet period for all of August and early September; visits will resume in those months. The coaches will spend July doing two things. One, they will continue to nurture relationships with current recruiting targets by phone, text, and social media, while working their tails off to set up official visits in August. Two, they will be traveling to the summer's final rounds of AAU ball to find new players to start recruiting. The July evaluation period has yielded us fresh names such as Malcolm Brogdon, Deandre Hunter, and Marco Anthony in recent years, so there's every reason to believe we'll see at least a couple of new names emerge over the next few weeks.

July AAU events of note:

    -- Peach Jam - July 12-16 - Nike's EYBL Summer Championship - Atlanta, GA

    -- Under Armour Association Finals - July 12-15 - Atlanta, GA

    -- Adidas Guantlet Finale - July 12-15 - Adidas' Final Round-Robin Event - Spartanburg, SC

    --  Adidas Summer Championships - July 26-30 - Las Vegas, NV

    -- Las Vegas Fab48 - July 27-30 - An unaffiliated event that draws top-end Nike and UAA squads - Las Vegas, NV

Additional regional events may be held the weekend of July 19-22, but for most big time targets the places to be will be GA/SC the 2nd weekend in July and Las Vegas the 4th weekend in July.

August will be for All-Star campus such as the UAA Elite 24, Adidas Nations, and the Nike Bahamas Select camp, which we'll address if and when any UVA targets or commits are selected.

For more information on the NCAA's Men's Basketball recruiting calendar, you can find them linked here:

    -- 2016-17

    -- 2017-18

Have a great 4th of July, everyone!

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