July Live Weekend #1 Recap

Posted on July 17, 2017, in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

The first July evaluation period has wrapped up. As we discussed in our July primer, this month is all about scouting. This past weekend had major events from all three shoe companies, all within a few hours of each other, so every D-1 coach in America was working hard in Georgia and South Carolina. With five open scholarships projected available for the rising senior class, no July period has ever been this important for our staff (typically we only have 1-2 still open by this point). We feel our June roster needs analysis is still valid, meaning the staff is evaluating players for every position on the floor. So what were our coaches up to?

(Note, when discussing recruits, I'm using the Rivals rankings today, since they've published the most recent update and capture progress through the June camp circuit.)

 1) Keeping the fires burning

Priority #1 was to check in with the staff's existing recruiting targets; players with current offers and recent serious staff attention. Those players included the following:

• PG Jahvon Quinerly (5* #15)
• PG Elijah Weaver (4* #27)
• PG David Duke (4* #44)
• PG Will Richardson (4* #78)
• PG Mike Devoe (4* #97)
• PG Jaelin Llewellyn (3* #142) - Announced a Sep/Oct decision
• CG Noah Locke (4* #73)
• SG Keldon Johnson (5* #24)
• SF Landers Nolley (4* #70)
•  C David McCormack (4* #35)

2) Revisiting some old names

In addition to the recent recruiting targets, the staff also checked in on a few players that had once been more prominent on our board, but recently the activity level had quieted. The coming weeks will tell us which of these we may dive back in with:

• PG Rob Phinisee (3* #120) - Announced he's looking to decide in August
• CG Devon Dotson (4* #33)
• SG Quentin Grimes (5* #20)
• SG Rasir Bolton (3* #137)
• SF Noah Kirkwood (3* Unranked)
• SF Saddiq Bey (4* #100)
• SF Aaron Nesmith (3* Unranked)
• SF/PF Nate Laszewski (4* #100)
• PF Joey Hauser (4* #43)
• PF Jake Forrester (3* #130)
• PF Tyrese Samuel (3* Unranked)
• PF Riley Battin (3* Unranked)
•  C Emmanuel Dowuona (3* #132)

3) Uncovering new names

This is the exciting part of July, tracking the names that are genuinely new to us Hoo fans. We're largely unsure at this point what to make of the scouting efforts; some were just due diligence that'll go nowhere, some we'll like and reach out but it won't get traction. But others will turn into active recruitments, fall visits, and maybe even one or two an eventual commitment. Here are the new names to store away:

• PG AJ Green (4* #90) - Reported an offer from UVA Sunday night
•  G Dwayne Cohill (4* #80)
• G/F Keyontae Johnson (4* #118)
• G/F Jeenathan Williams (3* #135)
• G/F Matt Mitchell (3* Unranked)
• SF Kaden Archie (4* #104)
• SF Isaiah Mucius (4* #66)
• SF Samba Diallo (3* #126)
•  F Ignas Brazdeikis (4* Unranked)
• PF Josh Leblanc (4* #83)
• SF Frankie Policelli (3* #147)

4) Laying groundwork for 2019 and 2020

While we clearly are laser-focused on filling out our 2018 class with quality prospects, July is also an invaluable opportunity to scout for the next two classes as well. Some of these players are playing with the older kids and shining. Others are playing with their age group in 16U or 15U events being held concurrently. I try not to list rankings for the younger kids, because they're impossibly inaccurate this far out except for a couple of obvious future NBA Lottery picks. Here are the underclassmen our staff was reported as watching or contacting:


• PG Cole Anthony
• PG Andrew Nembhard
•  G Isaac Okoro
•  G Casey Morrell
• SG Charles Smith
• SF Keion Brooks
• SF Khalif Battle
• PF Armando Bacot
• PF Will Baker
• PF Isaiah Stewart


• PG Jeremy Roach
•  G Cam Thomas
• SF Henry Coleman
• PF Isaiah Todd
• PF Hunter Dickinson
• PF Greg Brown

5) Laying a few old recruitments to rest

Lastly, a few names that had hung around the bottom of our board as former interests can probably now be taken off entirely. If these players didn't show up under section 2 above, if the staff didn't catch them over the weekend, then it's a sign all parties involved have moved on. Those that we're officially taking off the board are as follows:

• PG Darius Garland (5* #12)
• SF Nassir Little (4* #28)
• PF Darius Days (4* #68)
• PF KJ Hymes (3* Unranked)
• PF Emmitt Williams (5* #17)

A lot of names to digest, and kudos to anyone who read all that without their eyes going cross. While we made every effort to capture every name we could, we admit others may have been missed; some reports were spotty, so do not treat this as definitive, only a data point. This is the wildest recruiting season for UVA since 2009 when Bennett was assembling his first big class. As I continue to preach, patience, because this is going to continue to be interesting for a couple more months. If there's one thing to take away, to me at least, it looks as if there's still an excellent class to be assembled for 2018 and beyond.

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