Yesterday: What West Virginia Wants To Do

Yesterday we saw what West Virginia is trying to do to you, and we saw the Mountaineers capitalize. But things don't always go the way they want - sometimes even when the press is successful.

The 1-3-1 Zone Steal - Turnover

It's not always the other team that gets sped up and out of control. The young Mountaineers can get caught up in their own excitement and throw the ball away like their victims do so often.

Halfcourt Traps Lead to Bad Passes

Missouri fell into the trap Nigel Johnson warned about, but got fortunate WVU sometimes gets too aggressive.

This clip shows a great example of what dangers lurk near the sideline against West Virginia - and why if you keep your head after a mistake you might be able to capitalize.

Break the Corner Trap

Having guards who can see over the trap is a big advantage

Most of West Virginia's guards are 6-3 or shorter. Virginia's taller perimeter players have the ability to pass over the top of the trap. If you can break the corner trap, the press is vulnerable to the quick counter.

Halfcourt Attack

Spread them out, move the ball, and attack from different angles.

Remember in From Packline to Blitzkrieg when we talked about frequent attacks and making every movement an attacking move that forces the defense to react? This is the best way to turn West Virginia's attacking defense against itself.

What It Could Look Like

A well-designed and executed press break could result in a lot of these

For the most part, the Hoos handled the fullcourt pressure, and this kind of play could be replicated in Morgantown.

A Final Treat

Let's Go Hoos!

I still can hardly believe I saw it. This was the moment I began to believe Jack Salt can actually develop into a good basketball player.

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@ West Virginia (December 5, 2017)