The Rat Lord Has No Clothes

Posted on January 8, 2018, in The ACC by Seattle Hoo.

In the press conference following his latest loss, The Rat Lord of Durham talked about how his team's lack of a bench was a factor. Look at this table:


All rankings are 247Sports Composite ranks from the player's current 247Sports page

Is this not an indictment of Rat Lord's coaching and player development?  If he has down-the-line higher rated players than Tony Bennett works with and Bennett manages to have an effective bench, how can a good coach not be able to fashion an effective bench from top 100 players?

If you're not a top 10 recruit in your class, you are probably going to get buried on his bench.  Then sit there and listen to him talk about how he does not have a quality bench.  He's talking about you, man.

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