Preseason Poll Roundup

Posted on February 6, 2018, in Baseball by Karl Hess.

Opening day for UVA Baseball is quickly approaching. As the Hoos prepare to take on Central Florida on February 16 down in Orlando, Florida, the college baseball world has been busy releasing preseason previews and polls. Today, the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA) released their preseason poll. It marked the last of the major college baseball polls to be released.  The others are done by Baseball AmericaCollege Baseball DailyD1 BaseballPerfect Game, and the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Here's how the Hoos stacked up in the various polls.

Poll UVA Rank
Baseball America 15
College Baseball Daily 16
D1 Baseball 19
Perfect Game Not Ranked
USA Today Coaches 18

A clear consensus has emerged that the Hoos are expected to be among the nation's top 20 teams but just outside of the top 15. Given the personnel losses, that's not a bad place to be.

Let's drill a bit deeper into the various polls to see who the preseason number one team is and where our ACC competitors are ranked.

Poll Preseason #1
Baseball America Florida
College Baseball Daily Florida
D1 Baseball Florida
NCBWA Florida
Perfect Game Florida
USA Today Coaches Florida

Defending College World Series champion Florida is the unanimous number one team to start the season. Led by UVA Baseball alum Kevin O'Sullivan, the Gators will have a huge target on their backs all season.

Baseball America

Team Rank
Florida State 3
North Carolina 6
Clemson 12
Virginia 15
Louisville 19

College Baseball Daily (Top 40)

Team Rank
Florida State 4
North Carolina 7
Clemson 15
Virginia 16
Miami 20
Louisville 21
NC State 23
Georgia Tech 29

D1 Baseball

Team Rank
Florida State 5
North Carolina 6
Louisville 15
Virginia 19
Duke 25

NCBWA (Top 35)

Team Rank
Florida State 4
North Carolina 7
Louisville 14
Virginia 18
Clemson 19
Miami 26
NC State 28
Duke 31

Perfect Game

Team Rank
Florida State 5
North Carolina 7
Miami 9
NC State 13
Louisville 14
Duke 20
Clemson 24

USA Today Coaches

Team Rank
Florida State 5
North Carolina 7
Louisville 13
Virginia 18
Clemson 21
Miami 24
NC State 25

It looks like the usual suspects will be atop the standings in the ACC this year with Florida State and North Carolina predicted to be the league heavyweights, much like last season, with Clemson and Louisville falling back into the second tier with the Hoos.

After that, the national media all seem to like Miami and NC State to varying degrees.

And every season, a team or two rises out of the scrum at the bottom to join the nationally relevant teams to challenge for a regional berth or even a regional hosting slot. Last season, Wake Forest was that team. This year, the national media seems to have settled on Duke and Georgia Tech as the most likely teams to crash the party.

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