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Posted on March 5, 2018, in The ACC by Seattle Hoo.

With the ACC Tournament beginning today, your Hoos Place writers got together to answer some fun questions before the games.  Seattle Hoo sent around the questionnaire, and after the quit rolling their eyes, the writers responded:

What team other than UVA are you rooting for?

Robert Elder:  Notre Dame.

With Bonzie Colson and Matt Farrell at full strength, there's no way this Irish squad shouldn't be in the tournament.  In the opposite half from UVa's bracket, I would love nothing more than to see Notre Dame beat VaTech and Duke as they storm into the NCAA tourney.

StLouHoo: Clemson.

Other than UVA, I'd love to see Clemson win it. I know it's a long shot, but I have a ton of respect for what Brownell's team has accomplished, how they have done it, and I appreciate the injury challenges they've had to overcome.

Kendall: All the bubble teams, I guess.

NC State, FSU (over Louisville), Syracuse, Notre Dame. I want to see as many ACC teams in the NCAA Tournament as possible, so these guys need good showings in Brooklyn to help make it happen.

Karl Hess: Boston College

I think it would be a hell of a story if their 3 man team could pull off 5 wins in as many days. You'd probably have to carry Robinson, Bowman, and Chatman onto the stage for the trophy presentation while nurses inserted the IV lines. I also find the story of how Jordan Chatman ended up at BC pretty interesting and I think it's one UVA fans would respect if it were more broadly known (I assume it would be if the Eagles ran the table).

Seattle Hoo: Notre Dame.

I would say Clemson, but since we play them in the semi-final, I don't want them going any farther, so it is hard to root for them.

That leaves Notre Dame, and there my thinking is the same as Robert's. They belong in the tournament and the only way for them to really make the committee think is to win a couple games in Brooklyn.  If Virginia is not going to win it, my favorite outcome would be Notre Dame beating us at the end of a great ACC Final. They get the automatic bid and we still get the #1 overall seed.

Which team do you think will win the tournament?

Robert Elder: Virginia.

How can you bet against the Hoos after their historic 17-win conference season? As we've seen the past few games, the ACC is deep and almost anybody can beat anybody (excluding Pitt). But with a double-bye, go with the chalk -- it's Virginia's to lose.

StLouHoo: Virginia.

I think UVA will win it. Get past the 8/9 winner, and I like our potential Friday matchups, and Saturday we'd face a Duke team that had to win a bracket with ND, VT, and UNC  (three teams I think can do some real damage).

Kendall: Virginia.

But if not us then Duke. Notre Dame lurks as a quality darkhorse with recent ACC Tournament success.

Karl Hess: Virginia

Seattle Hoo: Duke.

After all the crap I gave StLouHoo for picking against us on Senior Day, I'm going to go and pick against us in the ACC Tournament. But let them have this tournament, because they're not making the second weekend of the next one, and Rat Lord is going to have to sit in his tower breathing sulphur from Mount Doom and watch Tony Bennett cut down the net in San Antonio.

What is your dream ACC Final matchup?

Robert Elder: Virginia vs. North Carolina

I was in attendance when UNC bounced UVa from the ACC tourney in 2015 and again when the Tar Heels outlasted Virginia in the 2016 finals.  How about getting a little payback by defeating a historic rival for the ACC Championship? Count me in.

StLouHoo: Virginia vs North Carolina

That would be an ideal Final matchup. Big name teams, all old ACC, and I'd feel great we'd win if healthy.

Kendall: Virginia vs. Pitt.

Nah, just kidding. Give me Duke in the final.

Karl Hess: UVA over either Duke or UNC

Taking down either of the Tobacco Road Blue Bloods in the final is as good as it gets.

Seattle Hoo: Virginia vs. Notre Dame.

Hey, just because I said I thought Duke would win doesn't mean I want to see them in the Final. I want my Hoos to beat Notre Dame like a drum.  I want a Mamadi Diakite dunk to plummet through the net and hit Bonzie Colson on the head like a depth charge.  I want Kyle Guy to finally get hot and go 8-11 from the arc. I want Colson's fifth foul to be a charge over Isaiah Wilkins.  Finally, I want a highlight for Jack Salt's Senior Day video. I think Matt Farrell would look real good in it.

Prediction for Tournament MVP and All-Tournament Team

Robert Elder:

MVP: Devon Hall

All-Tournament Team:

Ty Jerome (UVA)

Devon Hall (UVA)

Marcquise Reed (Clemson)

Bonzie Colson (ND)

Marvin Bagley (Duke)



MVP: Devon Hall

All-Tournament Team:

Bonzie Colson (ND)

Justin Robinson (VPI)

Devon Hall (UVA)

Marvin Bagley, III (Duke)

Joel Berry, II (UNC)



MVP: Ty Jerome, channeling his inner Randolph Childress.

All-Tournament Team

Ty Jerome  (UVA)

Marcquise Reed (Clem)

Bonzie Colson (ND)

Marvin Bagley, III (Duke)

DeAndre Hunter (UVA)


Karl Hess:

MVP: Ty Jerome

All-Tournament Team

Ty Jerome (UVA)

Devon Hall (UVA)

Joel Berry, II (UNC)

Bonzi Colson (ND)

Grayson Allen (Duke)



Seattle Hoo:

MVP: Grayson Allen

All-Tournament Team

Grayson Allen (Duke)

Wendell Carter, Jr. (Duke)

Ty Jerome (UVA)

Markell Johnson (NC State)

Bonzie Colson (ND)

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