Hook on the Horns

Posted on March 13, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

This might be my favorite offensive play of the season, for its potential for the future.  It shows what we can really do with this offense.

First, the personnel. Diakite and Hunter as the posts. Everybody but Diakite is a major threat to shoot the three.  Diakite is a threat on the roll.

Mamadi comes out to set the ball screen, bringing his man with him.  Jerome is a threat to pull up and shoot from where he is, and Clemson knows it. They've seen the film of The Howitzer. Jerome's man is going to stay with him over the screen, and because Clemson is taking no chances with this man, Mamadi's man flat hedges as Mamadi slips the screen.

Dre's man has roll responsibility. As Mamadi heads toward the hoop, he slides over two steps to cut off the passing lane.

With Hall and Guy hanging out by the arc, their men don't want to leave them because, you know, 40%.

Dre pops out to the arc, and nobody is able to challenge his shot.

This is just one example of a highly repeatable action we are seeing more of from the ball screen.  It really works because all five players on the floor are offensive threats, with four primary three-point threats.

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