Falling in Love Is So Sweet

Posted on March 13, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

Earlier today I blogged about my favorite offensive play from the Clemson game. Since then, I have completely fallen in love - nay, into obsession - with this play because I have spent time lying in bed extrapolating out variations in my head, and it just seems so unstoppable. It is so beautiful, I had to set it to music:

It is love...

As we've seen, Hunter gets a wide open three.  But what if Simms stays with Hunter?  Well, then Mamadi gets an easy dunk, even if Kyle's man tries to help. No little guard is going to stop Mamadi from dunking.  I mean, that would look a lot like this:

Ok, so Mamadi's man stays with him instead of hedging.  Then Jerome drives into the middle of the lane and scores any way he desires.

Ok, so Simms stays back and Hall's man rotates over to Hunter. Hall steps into the corner and Jerome hits him with the skip pass.

It's like no matter what the defense does, someone is open.

Then there are the variations with Mamadi actually setting the screen.

Then I played it into the future. Losing Hall opens a potential hole because it works so incredibly well with all five guys being top scorers.  Then I realized: it works just as well if you plug Jay Huff into Hunter's role and slide Hunter down to Hall's!  So picture it with The Unicorn stepping out to the arc instead of Dunk Dr. Dre.

Yes, it is most definitely love.