Welcome, everyone, to the official kickoff of Hoos Place's 2018 football season preview. We've been working hard to provide Virginia football fans the some of the most in-depth coverage available online (and for FREE no less!). We'll spend the next two months rolling out content, including position group reports, breakdowns of the offensive and defensive phases, and an overview of the schedule, before we wrap up with final thoughts on Virginia's upcoming season.

For those who want to read everything in one drop closer to the start of the season, we've got options for you. 

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Now, without further ado, we present to you our roll-out schedule:

Offensive Position Groups 

Mon, Jul 30: Position Group Reports: Quarterbacks

Tues, Jul 31: Position Group Reports: Wide Receivers

Wed, Aug 1: Position Group Reports: Tailbacks

Thurs, Aug 2: Position Group Reports: Offensive Line


Defensive Position Groups 

Mon, Aug 6: Position Group Reports: Defensive Line

Tues, Aug 7: Position Group Reports: Linebackers

Wed, Aug 8: Position Group Reports: Defensive Backs

Thurs, Aug 9: Position Group Reports: Specialists


Offensive and Defensive Phases

Mon, Aug 13: System Summaries: The Offense

Tues, Aug 14: System Summaries: The Defense

Thur, Aug 16: A Deep and Balanced Roster - An Outlook - Part 1

Fri, Aug 17: A Deep and Balanced Roster - An Outlook - Part 2


The Schedule

Mon, Aug 20: Reviewing the Schedule: September

Wed, Aug 22: Reviewing the Schedule: October

Fri, Aug 24: Reviewing the Schedule: November


Wrapping Up

Mon, Aug 27: Around the Coastal

Tues, Aug 28: Twitter Mailbag

Wed, Aug 29: Final Thoughts

Fri, Aug 31: Game Preview: Richmond


We'll keep this page up as a home page / table of contents throughout the summer, with links added as new pieces are published.

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