Tony and the Post-Expansion ACC

Posted on September 19, 2018, in The ACC by StLouHoo.

The ACC has played five basketball seasons since the conference expanded to 15 teams. That period also coincides with what we consider the Peak Tony era, that run of ACC dominance that started with the pairing of London Perrantes and Malcolm Brogdon in the backcourt in the 2013-14 season. To articulate just how dominant UVA has been in that span, new Hoos Place correspondent Valentine has run the numbers. Over to you, Val:

--- Valentine ---

Virginia is the best team in the ACC.

Now, I am looking at just the past five years, which do include two Virginia tournament championships, but let's just say that the past 5 years reflect what Coach Bennett can do, as a mature coach and established in his system. Just like I won't hold Coach K's 7 - 21 record in his first two years against him, I am only looking at Bennett in his prime. The 15 team ACC era also happens to coincide.

We are the best. Full stop and period.

Here are the records for all teams over the past five years. The first pair of numbers is regular season, thn ACC tournament wins/losses, and the last pair of numbers is the overal ACC wins and losses going back to the 2013 - 2014 season. (Games played between ACC teams in the NCAAT were omitted.)

Overall ACC Records

RankSchoolRegular SeasonACC TournamentOverall Record
1Virginia73 - 1710 - 383 - 20
2North Carolina63 - 2710 - 373 - 30
3Duke63 - 278 - 471 - 31
4Notre Dame51 - 398 - 459 - 43
5Miami51 - 393 - 554 - 44
6Syracuse50 - 401 - 451 - 44
7Florida State46 - 444 - 550 - 49
8Clemson45 - 452 - 547 - 50
9Louisville ***45 - 251 - 246 - 27
10NC State39 - 514 - 543 - 56
11Virginia Tech34 - 563 - 537 - 61
12Pittsburgh32 - 584 - 536 - 63
13Georgia Tech31 - 592 - 533 - 64
14Wake Forest26 - 641 - 527 - 69
15Boston College17 - 733 - 520 - 78
15-Team Post-Expansion Era

*** Louisville's numbers are a lower because of their late entrance into the ACC and their forfeited ACCT appearances.

In the past 5 years, the 15 teams in the ACC have combined for a total of six seasons better than 14 - 4. UVa has a pair of 16 - 2 seasons, as well as last year's 17 - 1. UNC has a pair of 14 - 4 records and Duke has a 15 - 3 season.

Virginia and UNC, by a comfortable margin, have the most wins in the tournament, with 10 each, for the past 5 years.

I know there is room for argument as to the “best” team in the ACC, what with our well-known NCAA tournament woes, but that aside, we are the best team IN THE conference and it's not really close.

--- StLouHoo ---

Thanks, Val. Also worth looking at is UVA's record against everyone else in the ACC over that time span (omitting Maryland, obviously).

UVA Head-to-Head with the ACC

TeamTotal WTotal L
NC State60
Wake Forest60
Boston College50
Georgia Tech61
Notre Dame61
Florida State62
Virginia Tech73
North Carolina63
15-Team Post-Expansion Era

What jumps out first is the four different teams that Tony has shut out over that span, Clemson, NC State, Boston College, and Wake Forest, though all four have struggled as a whole in that span, each sporting below-.500 records in the table above. Going 8-1 against Louisville and 6-1 against Notre Dame represent something much more impressive, as each program has been strong over that window. 

Down towards the bottom are schools that have played Virginia a little closer to even, including a VT squad that annually plays us tight in one game and gets blown out in the other. Others like Syracuse, Miami, and Florida State have brought toughness and athleticism that give us fits when they decide to play up to their potential. UNC has been probably our most fun rivalry in that span, the stain of their cheating aside, as we've played them twice in ACCT championship games (UNC won in 2016, UVA in 2018).

The lone school to have a winning record against UVA in that span is Duke, who hold a 2-game edge by virtue of Greyson Allen's traveling miracle. Virginia's lone two wins were last season at Cameron and in the 2014 ACCT championship. 

Overall, these two sets of statistics paint a picture of a UVA squad that has simply dominated the ACC, both in the regular season and in the conference tournament, in a way most programs can only dream of. Here's to that success continuing this season and beyond.

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