Disrespecting Women

Posted on October 11, 2018 in by Val Prochaska.

Saturday, 13 October is shaping up to be a big day for the University in terms of its sports programs. We expect to host several recruits as the Miami Hurricanes come into town to play football, and Coach Bennett holds his annual Blue – White scrimmage at JPJ.  As an added bonus, the women’s basketball team is getting shafted.


I understand that there is a lot going on next Saturday, and for our University which  has too often shied away from creating meaningful publicity for its sports teams, this is a significant collaboration: in addition to the football game and the basketball scrimmage, it is Homecomings and a meet and greet for men’s hoopsters.

Coach Bennet’s boys will get to play for an hour in front of adoring fans, while Tina Thompson’s women will get just 15 minutes.

I’m trying to think of a way that the University could more effectively tell the women’s team that They. Do. Not. Matter.

Nope.  I’m drawing a blank.

Now, Coach Tina Thompson is new on the job, but here’s what I would hope she would do next year: completely opt out of Scrimmage Day and hold her own Midnight Madness practice.  Call it the Blue and Orange Scrimmage, since those are our colors, after all. I truly love Coach Bennett, and this may be the only thing you’ll read from me criticizing him, but on this issue, Tony can suck it. Duke is blue and white. Penn State is blue and white. UVa is blue and orange.

Coach Thompson has a level of prestige that most rookie coaches do not have. I hope she can bring it to bear wipe away the stain the of giant eff you that the athletic department just gave our women.