We had our writers cast ballots for a slate of all-conference preseason honors, to include 1st and 2nd team, all-freshman, and player, rookie, and defensive player of the year. 18 different players got votes for one of the two All-ACC teams, 11 different freshmen got votes for the rookie team, and there was little consensus in the player of the year debate. The takeaway? There are a lot of good players in the league this year.



First Team

De'Andre Hunter (Virginia) - 60 points - The only consensus first teamer, the projected NBA Lottery Pick has a blend of experience and upside that few in the league can rival.

Luke Maye (North Carolina) - 55 points - The ultimate hustle guy, Maye has gone from a recruiting afterthought to a borderline all-American.

RJ Barrett (Duke) - 50 points - Barrett is getting the most love of his 5 star freshmen cohort at Duke, as many feel he has the most complete, well rounded game of the bunch.

Justin Robinson (Virginia Tech) - 45 points - Arguably the most proven point guard in the league, Robinson is looking to close out his college career with VT's first ever deep March run.

Tyus Battle (Syracuse) - 45 points - The former five star is the best returning combo wing in the ACC, and needs only to refine his jumper to be truly unguardable.


Second Team

Kyle Guy (Virginia) - 35 points - The AP 3rd Team all-American last year is looking to display a more well-rounded game to demonstrate his readiness for the NBA.

Nassir Little (North Carolina) - 35 points - The Top 5 freshman will be slotted amongst UNC's veteran starters and asked to be the versatile scoring wing they've missed since Justin Jackson left.

Elijah Thomas (Clemson) - 25 points - He's the best true big man in the ACC, one who is a triple threat scoring, rebounding, and shot blocking, and the key to Clemson's NCAAT hopes again.

Ty Jerome (Virginia) - 20 points - A standout at the elite CP3 point guard camp this summer, scouts are raving that he's ready to reach next level status this season.

Zion Williamson (Duke) - 20 points - Zion is a physical freak who can move like Jordan in Charles Barkley's body. The reviews from Duke's summer tour indicate his skillset is more ready than once thought, bad news for the ACC.


The Ballots:

Seattle HooKendallKarl HessRobertStLouHooMaizeAndBlue
Ty JeromeDe'Andre HunterDe'Andre HunterRJ BarrettJustin RobinsonLuke Maye
RJ BarrettRJ BarrettLuke MayeKyle GuyTyus BattleDe'Andre Hunter
Luke MayeTyus BattleRJ BarrettDe'Andre HunterDe'Andre HunterTyus Battle
Justin RobinsonNassir LittleTyus BattleNassir LittleLuke MayeRJ Barrett
De'Andre HunterJustin RobinsonJustin RobinsonLuke MayeElijah ThomasNassir Little
Elijah ThomasKy BowmanTy JeromeTy JeromeTemple GibbsZion Williamson
Tyus BattleTemple GibbsKyle GuyJustin RobinsonKyle GuyKy Bowman
Terance MannKyle GuyZion WilliamsonKy BowmanMarkell JohnsonKyle Guy
Markell JohnsonLuke MayeNassir LittleElijah ThomasZion WilliamsonMarcquise Reed
Kyle GuyMarquise ReedElijah ThomasZion WilliamsonDewan HuellOshae Brissett


All Freshman

RJ Barrett (Duke) - 60 points - The well rounded freshman and future lottery pick feels like a lock to be a dominant force from Day 1 for the Devils.

Zion Williamson (Duke) - 60 points - The powerful forward is going to prove a nightmare matchup at the 4, capable of scoring from the perimeter and in the post alike.

Nassir Little (North Carolina) - 50 points - The wing will be handed the keys to Carolina's corvette from the opening tip, taking advantage of defenses spread out by Carolina's diverse attack to exploit 1-on-1 matchups.

Jaylen Hoard (Wake Forest) - 30 points - The crown jewel of Danny Manning's heralded freshman class, Hoard is expected to become the primary focus of their offensive attack.

Cam Reddish (Duke) / Tre Jones (Duke) / Coby White (North Carolina) - 20 points - This trio of five star guards and wings each have the tools and talent to be instant impact, but will they shine enough on deep teams?


The Ballots:

Seattle HooKendallKarl HessRobertStLouHooMaizeAndBlue
Cam ReddishRJ BarrettRJ BarrettRJ BarrettCoby WhiteRJ Barrett
RJ BarrettZion WilliamsonZion WilliamsonNassir LittleNassir LittleZion Williamson
Zion WilliamsonNassir LittleNassir LittleJaylen HoardJairus HamiltonCam Reddish
Coby WhiteJaylen HoardJaylen HoardTre JonesRJ BarrettNassir Little
Jalen CareyMichael DeVoeTre JonesZion WilliamsonZion WilliamsonTrey McGowans


Players of the Year

Freshman of the Year

RJ Barrett


The Ballots:

Seattle HooKendallKarl HessRobertStLouHooMaizeAndBlue
RJ BarrettRJ BarrettRJ BarrettRJ BarrettZion WilliamsonRJ Barrett


Defensive Player of the Year

De'Andre Hunter


The Ballots:

Seattle HooKendallKarl HessRobertStLouHooMaizeAndBlue
Paschal ChukwuDe'Andre HunterElijah ThomasChris ClarkeMamadi DiakiteDe'Andre Hunter


Player of the Year

Luke Maye


The Ballots:

Seattle HooKendallKarl HessRobertStLouHooMaizeAndBlue
Ty JeromeRJ BarrettDe'Andre HunterKyle GuyLuke MayeLuke Maye

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