Posted on October 28, 2018, in The Team by MaizeAndBlueWahoo.

Normally I'd wait til the middle of the week to post, because real life, but I've learned not to wait when ideas are presented on a silver platter.  The TV announcers did just that yesterday by pointing out that this was UVA's first undefeated October since 2008.

Groh-tober!  That's what 2008 was.  And to a lesser, non-undefeated extent, 2009.  The phenomenon in which Al Groh seemingly rescues a lost season by running roughshod over every foe that October had to offer.  Grohvember would've been more linguistically sound, but that was more like 0-vember amirite because that was the month in which the whole house of cards came crashing down in horrifying slow motion.

A colossal November collapse is unlikely at this point, though.  That's good, because in the manic-depressive world of college football, three games (Bronco cheated by starting October with a bye) is sometimes enough to swing the entire fortunes of a program.  On October 1, 2018, Bronco's Hoos were 3-2 (but coulda shoulda woulda been 4-1) and still hoping to navigate an ACC minefield just enough to get bowl-eligible.  I figured if we could go 2-2 against Duke, UNC, Pitt, and GT, that would do it.  A coin flip of an if.

On November 1, 2018, UVA is going bowling and will be in sole possession of first place in the Coastal Division, and with the best chance of anyone to win it according to ESPN's FPI whatsit.  UVA is playing the best football in the Coastal right now.  Don't take my word for it, take a Hokie's.  They're not as happy about their October as we are with ours.  Three games to a massive, program-defining momentum shift.  Groh-tober was about picking up the scraps of a program and hoping you could fit Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Bronctober means building a fantastic new one.

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