The Day's Most Exciting News

Posted on November 16, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

Jack Reacher is the fictional character I would be if I could be any one I wanted to be.  Author Lee Child, whether knowingly or not, has brought the high medieval knight-errant into the modern age.  A highly trained and capable warrior wanders the countryside rescuing ordinary people from the schemes of evil people.  A former MP and sniper, Reacher has no home, no car, no permanent belongings, and he never settles down.  His needs are so simple that his Army pension covers his needs (supplemented by occasional earnings).  When he catches wind of foul play, he sticks around and routs the bad guys, then he moves on.  And, yes, he always beds the woman.

I discovered Reacher way back when my first marriage was still a good one. There were three of the books and I came across them while browsing Barnes & Noble for something good.  Because there were three, I decided to give it a try.  I was hooked.  When I learned many years and books later that a movie was going to be made, I was thrilled.  That lasted all of about however long it took for me to learn that Tom Cruise was going to play Reacher.  That news was UMBC following the ACC Tournament.  Tom Fucking Cruise?  Not only do I hate that guy, but if Hollywood were to create the worst possible A list actor to play Reacher, Tom MFucking Cruise is what they would come up with.  Reacher is like 6-5, 250.  He doesn't really talk very much, and he doesn't go in for cocky posturing. And he can barely drive.  Needless to say, fans of the series reacted with displeasure, and this being the social media age, we made or distress known.

The author lost fans with his reaction to the criticism.  He eventually lost patience with it and lashed out with dismissive and even downright insulting comments about his dissenting fans.  I stopped buying the books for a few years in reaction to the whole thing.  I rooted so hard for those movies to flop.

Jack Reacher deserved better, goddammit.  He did not deserve to be desecrated by pissant Tom Fucking Cruise.

This morning my girlfriend told me that there was going to be a Jack Reacher TV series, and Tom Fucking Cruise was not going to play Reacher.  I got a little excited.  "They should give it to Amazon and do it like Bosch, with one book per season."  The Michael Connelly series with Harry Bosch is up there with the Reacher series in my faves, and the Amazon series is fantastic.  They did a great job with it, and Titus Welliver is outstanding as Bosch.  If Reacher were to be done the same way, with roughly ten one-hour episodes telling the story of one book, they could do a great job of developing the stories and the hero, and would have material for PLENTY of seasons. But, of course, my excitement was tempered by my tremendous disappointment about the movie.

But when I read the article, I got excited again.  This time, I have great expectations.  To hear Child acknowledge that his fans were right, to essentially apologize to us, feels good.  To hear how he intends to handle it - basically like Bosch - and that the people who did Jack Ryan for Amazon are going to produce it (another fantastic series), gives me a lot of confidence it will be done right. Finally, to hear him say they are going to take great care to pick just the right actor and that the physicality is going to be a big part of it gives me great hope that I will finally get to see one of my favorite adult heroes come to life.

Jack Reacher - can't wait!