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Posted on November 22, 2018, in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

A lot of what I saw from Dayton yesterday looked familiar, now that the Hoos have been running some 4- and 5-out motion on a regular basis.  That appeared to be what Dayton ran as its regular offense.  They spread the floor, don't park their post men near the lane, and use a combination of off-ball and on-ball screens.  They executed very well against Butler and gave us a lot of stuff to look at.  They will be a great challenge for the Packline, because as you will see in this first clip, they use ball screens and driving into the lane to put the weakside help defender in a bind.  Here it results in two wide open threes:

This action could be the result of pre-game scouting, because in both cases, they targeted Kamal Butler with the off-ball action. Maybe they spotted a tendency to ball-watch, which would be consistent with a Heroball player.

In this play, Dayton again victimizes the weakside defender.  The action takes place on the sides, and when it moves away from the camera to the opposite side (Watch all the ball screens of various types), #3 in red hangs out far from the action.  Butler's weakside help defender is too late in trying to regain visual contact, and the cutter is wide open:

Can you do better than Butler and keep attention on the ball AND the weakside Dayton players?

This play is of particular danger to the Hoos, because of how aggressively we can hedge screens, and epecially because of how often our bigs have been hedging screens that are not even being used yet. Several times yesterday, we were hedging before the ballhandler committed to the screen and MTSU slipped it.  This play takes advantage of that.  The defender, #22 in white, steps into the path of a player he THINKS is going to get the ball, and the ballhandler, #1 in red (6-9 redshirt freshman) keeps it:

Staying home and forcing the offense to declare first will prevent this play.

This next play is another one that we have both struggled with and started to employ.  Pay attention to the two Dayton players away from the ball.  The perimeter player is going to flare along the arc to the far sideline to keep his man out of the lane, while the off post is going to flash up to the top of the key area, dragging his man to the free throw line.  This leaves no help near the basket, and the cut off the screen gives the attacking player a wide open lane to the undefended basket.  Tough to defend:

Have a three-point shooter setting this screen and you add another tactical option to the play.

Finally is an inbounds play under the basket that again is something we run.  I believe we got a layup or a foul under the basket against MTSU with this play.  Dayton gets an open three.  Jimmy Dykes breaks it down for you:

Dayton looked well-coached and disciplined - far more so than Butler.  On defense, Dayton played man-to-man.  I did not notice anything special, just that they were alert and active.  Everybody who hit the floor could score, and their big #33 can shoot the three.  All three of their bigs are accomplished offensive players with good size.  They will be a big challenge for the Hoos to defend, and they will also hit the offensive boards.  Athletic and active, they also have a lot of chemistry.  MTSU was probably good preparation for Dayton, and Dayton will be good prep for the remainder of the season.  I will be keeping an eye on Dayton the rest of the season, as they sure looked like an NCAA team yesterday.

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