The Clash of the Titans

Posted on January 16, 2019 in by Seattle Hoo.

With Virginia Tech safely out of the way, we can now turn to anticipation of what will likely be the biggest game of the college basketball regular season: Kenpom #1 Virginia visiting Cameron Indoor Stadium to take on AP #1 Duke.  Although the Blue Devils failed to uphold their end of it and let Syracuse take some of the shine off of the matchup, it will still be a battle of #1 teams for first place in the ACC.  We here hope that Duke freshman point guard Tre Jones is able to play.

Our Duke game coverage begins today.  Friday morning we will post our weekly podcast with a discussion of what to expect in Durham with StLouHoo, and a special Scouting Duke video for Hoo Friends.  Friday or Saturday morning, StLouHoo will post his Game Preview.  And on Saturday morning look for another treat from me.

Let's get things started with a look at last year's game.  Before the game, Virginia had not won in Durham for 23 years.  I looked back at that 1995 victory for clues to what it would take for the Hoos to emerge triumphant in last year's top 5 showdown.  For a look back at that analysis, see:  Invading Mordor: A Retrospective Analysis.

Then, in commemoration of last year's amazing triumph and anticipation of Saturday's battle, please enjoy this special complimentary showing of Victory In Mordor: The Long-Awaited Triumph of the Hoos.

It took 23 years, but Virginia finally tasted victory in Durham. It tasted so sweet, we want a deeper draught.

Can Virginia win back-to-back games in Cameron for the first time since 1982-83?

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