We knew Mamadi Diakite played a good game against Miami.  He dominated the last five minutes of the game with blocked shots, defensive rebounds, and 9 points.  Mamadi took it farther:  He was the HOOS Place Glue Hoo of the Game with a 22 Glue Index.  His 22 GI ties for the second highest of the season with his own performance at Notre Dame two games before, and is his third 20+ GI of the season.  He is the only Cavalier to have three such games in one season.

Mamadi scored 6 Tips and set 5 Screens that led directly to Virginia scores, but impressively high numbers for a single game.  The 6 Tips is the highest single-game tally in the HOOS Place database.

Congratulations to Mamadi, who also was awarded the coveted Seattle Hoo Motor Forker of the Game thanks to plays like these:

Mamadi was the toughest motor forker on the floor

Mamadi finished the game with 11 points on 4-7 shooting, 6 rebounds (5 offensive), 3 blocks, the 22 GI, 6 Tips, 5 Screens and 3 Mans.  He was Mamadi Forking Diakite.

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Mamadi Diakite, Miami (February 2, 2019)