From the Archives for MLK Day

Posted on January 20, 2020 in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

This was made right after the 2017 Invasion of Charlottesville

When I was a child in suburban Connecticut, I was taught that Martin Luther King's dream was OUR dream. I believed it. I believe it now. I guess that dream is now seen in many quarters as no longer the ideal of race relations, but it is to me, because it is a dream that recognizes that all peoples are intrinsically the same, of the same value and worth, brothers and sisters, and must be treated as individuals, based on their behavior and beliefs. I want to judge others and be judged on the basis of what we say and do, not on how we look, or where we were born, or who are parents are, or any of that. And I don't want to be fighting against women, and African Americans, and LGBTQ, while the true opponent of all of us sits back and laughs while they open their gates for the stream of armored trucks bringing more lucre for their massive hoards.

I truly believe

One World

One People

One Love.

And God damn it, NO MORE KILLING.