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Stallball My Ass

Posted on July 13, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not against the Bennett Rules to shoot the ball in the first ten seconds of the shot clock

Dribble Drive Teaser

Posted on July 12, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Just threw this video together from the clips assembled for the State of the Nation video essay on the offense.

Hoo says you can't create off the dribble in the Virginia system?

The video essay should be ready in about two weeks.

StLouHoo's 6/26 Recruiting Hot Take

Posted on June 27, 2017, by StLouHoo.

Seattle Hoo gave some thoughts this morning in the wake of yesterday's AJ Reeves commitment to Providence and Friday's John Newman III commitment to Clemson. You can read his thoughts here. And as a reminder, you can always keep up with the current recruiting sight picture on our Big Board.

I try not to give too many thoughts during the recruiting process, because it's (a) too fluid, and (b) judging an incomplete result. Recruiting can only properly be judged by looking at not only the particular finished class, but the class or two preceding it too. This isn't football where you're bringing in 20-25 kids every year, and each class has a statistically significant number of players. Hoops recruiting can have one class consist of one player, then a year later take 5, and you really need to average them out to feel how recruiting is going. Don't even get me started on judging recruiting of likely 4-year players vs 1- or 2-and-dones.

I'll admit that it's been mildly...

Dispatch from Rome: Et tu AJ?

Posted on June 26, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

It was a routine glance at Twitter while sitting in yet another airport waiting area, and it gave me quite a shock:  A.J. Reeves to Providence.  Dammit!  He was at this point my #1 priority, because I love his game, I like his attitude, and I think he would have been a great fit and someone we could really help.  The shock was not that he chose Providence - they always were the most likely destination given location and relationship with a good coaching staff - but the timing.  It was so soon.  We did not even get the visit.  But I give respect to the decision.  He went to their elite camp and it told him that, yes, this was home.  It was where he wanted to be so he went ahead and did it.  Good for A.J. and I look forward to watching him have much success.

But, damn, what about us?  Reeves gone, Newman gone, Quinerly pretty much in a Villanova uniform already, Keldon Johnson a longshot.  That's four of the guys I liked the ...

This Is Why We're Hoos

Posted on June 24, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

That was a tweet from yesterday, not June 24 as it says, because June 24 is today.  It is why, as my tweet said, why I love Virginia Basketball.  It is a true tribe - we are a true tribe.  Sports are tribal.  Less so in the modern age than in the past, more entertainment now, but still tribal.  Virginia is not the only school to produce pictures like this one - indeed the Cheaters could produce one filled with legendary NBA stars, a legacy they use effectively in recruiting young boys - but it is one.  It is not that Virginia Basketball is unique in recognizing and honoring the familial ties between its generations that makes me love it, it is that it does so and it is the one to which I belong.  Seeing that...

Musing About Priorities

Posted on June 16, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Somebody asked me today how I felt about our chances of getting Quinerly, and it led me to think about what I think chances are and my wishes for this class that is being excruciatingly deliberate in sorting itself out.  I picked up some information on Twitter and a valued opinion from the Sabre that caused me to reshuffle some expectations, and discussion with friends has led to some clarity in wishes.  Like everybody else in Wahoo Nation from Thomas Jefferson down to Galileo24, I want Jahvon Quinerly in the tribe more than any other player.  What Tony saw in the kid when he was in Charlottesville last year is obvious.  Great player and great fit, give him the keys to the ferrari.  He'll always have four damn good wheels on the tarmac whether we add another 2018 player to him or not, because he comes in perfectly aligned with 2016.  I love the freshman-junior and sophomore-senior combos.  Freshmen-Juniors are fresh and energetic;...

Welcome to the HOOS Place Blog

Posted on June 11, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Launching new features is always fun.  This one is extra fun.  As with any blog, this is not so much about the subject matter as about the authors and the site.  Ok, it is a bit narcissistic, but is that not the age?  If you, like me, are a fan of the late, great Christopher Lasch, you see the signs of a Culture of Narcissism all around you.  Tangent aside, this is the HOOS Place Blog.

This site is in its infancy.  It had a 3-year gestational period.  It is my hope that all the other stages of its life will be on just as large a time scale, in particular its youth and its prime.  Features and content will be added constantly.  Look out soon for the first HOOS Place Podcast, which will be a weekly 30- or 60-minute audio broadcast (length will depend on practical realities).  Plans are also in the works for a video podcast.

Anyway, welcome to the Blog.