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Launch Party

Posted on September 17, 2017, in Blog by Seattle Hoo.

Last Monday, we launched the redesigned and expanded site as we prepare for the upcoming season. We are getting ready to offer comprehensive content of this pivotal season in Virginia Basketball history. You might have noticed the new header, and in particular the bright orange "Donate" button.  That button, which will appear quietly at the top of each page, is our one overt effort to request your support of the site.  If you love the site, if you want to see it continue to offer more and better content, please use the Donate button to "encourage" our efforts.  You decide what it is worth to you.  There will be no appeals, no ads, no popups, no email campaigns - just t...

The Slings And Arrows of Rude Fortune

Posted on September 7, 2017, in Blog by Seattle Hoo.

Read StLouHoo’s analysis of the ACC schedule

StLouHoo and I agree absolutely about the importance of the scheduling for exposure and recruiting, and he is right about the cues the schedule give toward the league’s predictions for how strong teams will be.  I also agree that the schedule makers did not damage our recruiting this season the way they did last season, with what could not have been a worse recruiting schedule for UVA if the ACC had tried to spike our recruiting.  This year’s schedule at least gives the Hoos a couple games they can try to get top recruits to visit.

From a competitive impact standpoint, this schedule is far more favorable for the Hoos...

Weep For the Land

Posted on August 11, 2017, in Blog by Seattle Hoo.

This is purely my thoughts, my feelings, my responsibility tonight.  I speak for nobody but myself.  But for myself I say that I am horrified by the video I watched tonight, affected more personally, viscerally, deeply in my soul by that than by any other news footage I have witnessed in my life.  It is our intent to keep politics out of this site and focus on the basketball, but sometimes things happen that shatter the boundaries of sports, and simply must be addressed.  I have to speak out.  Things like this are supposed to be restricted to old newsreels from before I was born.  They are not supposed to be happening NOW, with fascist boots trampling the gra...

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