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Department: Football

Ranking the Roster

Posted on June 21, 2018, in Football by Kendall.

I suck at ledes, so here's this, simply: I ranked the roster in terms of expected 2018 impact coupled with future impact / overall value to the program. Excluded most of the walk-ons and all of the incoming class of 2018 recruits (bar two). Here we go....

70) Ryan Bischoff, OL/DL, Jr. - He's just a big, strong guy who might not be a great football player. He doesn't currently seem to factor into the thinking along either line.

So Bronco just proved once and for all he's hopelessly lost recruiting the state of Virginia.

What did it? Or more specifically, who? Oscar Smith DB Cam'Ron Kelly, that's who.

The background. Kelly was the 2019 class' "4-star in-state kid that's UVA's to lose," following Mekhi Becton in 2017 (Louisville) and Ronnie Walker (Indiana) in 2018. A top-...

O-Line Notes -- Spring 2018

Posted on April 2, 2018, in Football by Kendall.

I recently said this on the message board(s)....

Here's how I know our o-line is going to be better in 2018, and our best OL since 2011: Knowing what we're working with in terms of raw ingredients and then just... talking to people.

As far as "best talent since 2011" goes, that's a product of improved OL recruiting hitting the field. Pasztor, Aboushi, Bowanko, and Moses had next-level ability; after they were gone, Wallace, Whitmire, Burbank, Mooney, Karl, Matte...