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Department: Recruiting

4/16 Recruiting Update

Posted on April 16, 2018, in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

It's a busy time in college basketball recruiting, so with a lot of moving pieces right now, we wanted to update you on some developments over the last week or so.

2019 big man Eric Dixon (PA) is scheduled to announce tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/17). The four-star is reportedly down to Virginia and Villanova, but when everyone says he's a strong Villanova lean, they're not kidding. We've heard from multiple sources that he's already telling people off the re...

Summer 2018 Strategy and Expectations

Previously: Part 2 - Roster Needs

Welcome to the concluding entry in our short series kicking off the summer 2018 recruiting session.  In the first entry, we laid out our foundational philosophy on ideal roster construction; namely, aiming to have up to 4 ball-handling guards, three big scoring wings, and 4 athletic posts eligible and ACC-ready in any given season, being okay if we fall a body short due ...

Casey Morsell: Chutzpah!

Posted on April 10, 2018, in Recruiting by Kendall.

The guys are putting out some excellent stuff right now, recruiting primers and program goals and re-examining everything, etc. It's truly some awesome, awesome stuff. If you haven't spent hours reading and digesting what Seattle and StLou are writing, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out.

Anyway, I think the 16-1 upset shook us all up, in a lot of different ways.