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The Quinerly Hoos

Posted on July 21, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

It is no secret that a point guard like Jahvon Quinerly is Tony Bennett's number one priority recruit in the 2018 class.  Quinerly is the type of alpha guard Bennett has been chasing for years, and might be the best of all of them.  The young man from Hudson Catholic in New Jersey and Sports U AAU is elite at the three things you want from a point guard: getting to the rim and finishing; distributing the ball; and three-point shooting.  Other prospects being recruited by the Hoos have similar abilities.  David Duke, Devon Dotson, Jaelin Llewellyn, Marcus Zegarowski, Andrew Nembhard, among others - all can get to the rim or hit the three and all are excellent distributors of the basketball.

A point guard like Quinerly - or Duke or Dotson or Llewellyn or Zegarowski or Nembhard - is key to Bennett being able to run the type of spread offense he has talked about admiring from Golden State.  Quinerly would be the Curry in that equation, with his ability to break ...

July Live Weekend #1 Recap

Posted on July 17, 2017, by StLouHoo.

The first July evaluation period has wrapped up. As we discussed in our July primer, this month is all about scouting. This past weekend had major events from all three shoe companies, all within a few hours of each other, so every D-1 coach in America was working hard in Georgia and South Carolina. With five open scholarships projected available for the rising senior class, no July period has ever been this important for our staff (typically we only have 1-2 still open by this point). We feel our June roster needs analysis is still valid, meaning the staff is evaluating players for every position on the floor. So what were our coaches up to?

(Note, when discussing recruits, I'm using the Rivals rankings today, since they've published the most recent update and capture progress through the June camp circuit.)

 1) Keeping the fires burning

Priority #1 was to check in with the staff's existing recruiting targets; players with current offers and recent serious staff...

Bringing the Noise

Posted on July 11, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Yesterday, I responded to a Rivals article on Keldon Johnson that quoted Huntington Prep assistant coach Jeremy Grubbs, with some scathing remarks about Grubbs' quotes and his credibility.  If you see our Twitter feed, you might have seen what happened:

In truth, it was a remarkably civil discourse thanks to Coach Grubbs' grace, which he compounded by answering my questions today.  Grubbs expanded some on what was published on Rivals regarding Johnson's recruitment, and gave some insight into Johnson's transfer to Oak Hill.

As may not be surprising, Grubbs' listing of Virginia TECH as being in Johnson's "top three" along with the expected Texas and Maryland threw Hoo Nation into a bit of an uproar.  Grubbs explained:  "I'd say he has a top 2 and I just threw in a third school because [Rivals reporter Clint Jackson] asked for a top 3.  Maryland and Texas are his two favorites."  Relationships and proximity will be important to Johnson, as can be seen...

Close Your Ears, Hoos

Posted on July 10, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

Virginia has been recruiting Keldon Johnson since he peeled off his last diaper, grabbed a basketball, and started dribbling toward the hoop.  The dog got out of his way, the cat was dumb enough to try to draw a charge, and mom cheered when he kissed it in off the wall.  Ok, maybe not quite that early, but Tony did offer him as a freshman, which in basketball terms is barely out of diapers.  Since then, we've seen him become a big-time star, and his recruitment has gone from a family affair (UVA and Georgetown, where his brother goes) to a Barnum & Bailey circus.  It's been a roller coaster ride of sorts for Hoo fans, as we looked strong, then he went to Huntington Prep and we seemed to drop off, then he took a visit for a week night hoops game and it was love again, and when his final AAU campaign started, UVA was clearly mentioned as one of the leaders.

The first weekend of EYBL was when the cacophony started.

With coaches and "recruiting analysts"...

For those who follow the 2018 recruiting cycle, it's valuable to understand the NCAA rules governing visits and direct interactions between prospects and coaches. 

We're currently in a Quiet Period per the NCAA that has been in effect since late April. Quiet Periods generally mean that recruits are free to go on campus visits, but coaches can't go meet with the players elsewhere (like in their home, at their high school, etc). AAU events are exceptions which allow coaches to come and evaluate the players, though face-to-face contact is still prohibited. In this current Quiet Period, UVA has hosted a number of recruits for unofficial visits, to include Jaelin Llewellyn, David McCormack, and starting tomorrow Noah Locke, plus any who quietly visited before or after the NBPA Top 100 Camp earlier this month.

However, starting next Thursday, July 6th, the NCAA imposes a Dead Period. This means all face-to-face contact is prohibited, campus visits included (technically a recruit...

The Summer of '18

Posted on June 23, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

 While the sporting passions of the World will be focused on a handful of soccer fields in Russia, a new generation of Virginia Basketball players will take to the courts deep under the roof of the John Paul Jones Arena.  The identities of the players in that generation are to be determined this summer and next fall.  Maybe into the spring.  At the end of June 2017 is a good time to climb up Humpback Rocks and survey the landscape.

The Starting Point:

If all of the then-eligible members of the current roster step onto the court in July 2018, the Hoos will have 8 players: four posts and four perimeter.  Of the perimeter players, only one will be a full-time point guard (Ty Jerome).  Kyle Guy has some of the skill set and as a junior in the system should be able to play the lead role for short stretches of games, and Marco Anthony played it a lot in high school.  Eight players is a solid rotation, provided all eight of them are capable of playing...

While the summer recruiting season to date has been about following the various AAU circuits and learning which players have genuinely caught the eye of the staff (names which are summarized in our Big Board), now we reach the point in the summer where rising senior recruits start to take the process more seriously. Only a handful of names have come off the board so far, such as Prentiss Hubb (ND), Brandon Slater (Villanova), and Aaron Wiggins (Maryland), but most others will look to narrow down their fields, or close their recruiting entirely, during the summer months.

So whereas we may already have a good understanding of the staff's priorities from a player perspective, let's pivot to evaluate what their priorities may be from a positional perspective. This will help us understand how they may rank recruits internally, or how one player committing may or may close the doors on others.

First, a quick primer on how I view positions in our systems:

Position Traditional ...

HOOS Place is proud to announce that StLouHoo has created and will maintain the Recruiting Big Board.  His work is an excellent overview of where Virginia recruiting stands, based on publicly-available information (and perhaps the occasional insider morsel?).

You can see 2017 and 2018 recruiting needs and targets, with 2019 and 2020 coming soon.  Please check back periodically to see the current landscape.

New Site Feature

Posted on May 22, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

In preparation for writing State of the Nation Part IV: Five-Year Roster Forecast, I added a new feature this weekend.  The player roster card now includes a recruiting snapshot.  You can see an example here:

Ty Jerome

  • #11
  • ·
  • Fr
  • ·
  • G
  • ·
  • 6-5 192
  • 247sports #31 *****
  • RSCI #46
  • Rivals #53
  • Scout #54

Ty is a good one to use, because he has all of them.  Many of our players are not listed on one or the other rankings.  If a player is not ranked on a site, then that site is not listed on the roster card.  The order in which they appear is not meaningful.

I start with 247sports.com's ranking and star system.  I am using their in-house rankings, because I am using the RSCI (see below) and two composite indices seems a bit redundant.  They carry their rankings down farther than the other sites do.

Next is RSCI.  That stands for Ratings Services Composite Index.  What they do is take the top 100 lists of every recruiting info...

For Comments On Recruiting Now

Posted on May 14, 2017, by Seattle Hoo.

We are on this Mother's Day 2017, amidst a non-contact period in recruiting.  The college coaches are confined to their castles while the players perform on their AAU circuits.  All were in action this weekend.  Prospects can visit campuses, and electronic communication is permitted between prospects and coaches.  Soon the spring AAU season will end, and it will be summer.  Camps and summer AAU tournaments dominate.  In July, the suitors can come back and court the talent.

Very few 2018s give any indication of being anywhere close to a decision.  At this point, we're all just bloviating.  There has been noise that Prentiss Hubb and maybe a couple other of the top point guards could decide soon, but no news.  There has been a trickle of 2018 commitments, but nothing that opens play.  Someone needs to score a goal and see how the players react.

Off the top of my head, some of the players most talked about with Virginia lately would be ...