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Department: Recruiting

What Does It Mean?

Posted on August 29, 2017, in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

Welcome again to our newest Hoo, Kody Stattmann. The Australian wing is our first commitment for the 2018 cycle. So how will this fit in with our broader recruiting strategy, and affect how the rest of the 2018 cycle plays out?

Kody looks to be a pure wing. He's probably about 6'6'" with a 6'8" wingspan, and 180 lbs. In our class needs breakdown we saw the staff looking to take one point guard, one wing, and one post for the November signing period, and that opinion hasn't changed. Kody will be that wing recruit. There are three angles to this:

1) As we said in our positional needs analysis, the wing position was the position of lowest need. That means we don't project there to be an imme...

Scouting Report: Kody Stattmann

Posted on August 29, 2017, in Recruiting by Seattle Hoo.

Read StLouHoo's take on What It Means

Joy came in the evening for east coast Hoos, in the form of a commitment from Australian wing Kody Stattmann.  Just when it was starting to feel like Tony Bennett was going to have to post flyers in the Corner bars for an open tryout, Stattmann comes in to save the day.  The coaching staff had been working this one for at least two months, with rumors leaking out a couple of times.  Other programs involved were St. Mary's, New Mexico, Stanford and Arizona.

For this report, I watched three games, two of which were suitable for video.  The Facebook video of the exhibition against Oklahoma was of such low quality, it could not be reas...

See StLouHoo's Take 1

This is going to be mostly from the heart. The question before us, the question posed by StLouHoo with appropriate delicacy and regard for decent priorities, is "How will The Invasion of Charlottesville impact recruiting for Virginia Basketball?" My answer to that question is divorced from my inability to confront what happened without getting extremely emotional. I get derailed from my basketball recruiting train of thought into a James the Tank Engine romp through the daisy fields of childish imploring, "why do things like this happen?  Why can't we all just agree that everybody is equal, we are all just trying to survive, and we have to live together? Ca...

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