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As we tweeted last night, I have completed my 2018-19 basketball hype video.  I started this last year with "The Mission", which addressed the social issues that had just engulfed us.

The video drops at 12:00 AM EDT on September 25, 2018, just a few hours before the Hoos have their first official practice of the 2018-19 season.

The New Standard: DocRaptor

Posted on August 21, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

While Raising the New Standard is the First Annual HOOS Place Virginia FOOTBALL Season Preview, it is the third publication we have put out.  Last fall when we were putting together the first basketball preview, I basically went without sleep for a week as I rushed to convert all our html posts to a publication-worthy PDF.  It was pretty

As you all certainly know by now, UVA released the non-conference schedule today.  Most of the release was somewhat anti-climactic, as we already knew all but two of the opponents.  Getting the dates of some of the games was the big reveal.  StLouHoo asked me what I thought of the schedule, and so I took a look at it.  The games fall into three baskets for me: I Like, Don't Like, Don't Care.

First, the slate: