The Ted Williams of ADs

Posted on September 10, 2019 in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

No athletics director in college is doing better at hitting for power and batting for average than UVA AD Carla Williams.  Some might hit more home runs and some might have a higher batting average, but nobody is doing them both like UVA's Williams.  Her latest is a solo home run in the fifth inning with the hire of Vin Lananna to head up the Cavaliers' track & field and cross-country program.

Friend of the site ChiTownHoo brought the hire to ...

It’s been over two months since the Virginia men’s basketball team cut down the nets in Minneapolis for the first time in school history. The weight has finally been taken off of Cavalier fans who thought they would never get to experience their team reach the mountaintop – with a title in tow, we all finally got to relax and enjoy the moment.


Seattle Hoo put his legal research and analysis skills to good work getting an understanding of the process college undergraduates go through to enter the NBA Draft, and maintain their eligibility for NCAA competition if they so choose.  Then he and host Valentine look at the prospects of Virginia's four prospects.

The NCAA memorandum referenced in the hoocast can be found here

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