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Seattle Hoo put his legal research and analysis skills to good work getting an understanding of the process college undergraduates go through to enter the NBA Draft, and maintain their eligibility for NCAA competition if they so choose.  Then he and host Valentine look at the prospects of Virginia's four prospects.

The NCAA memorandum referenced in the hoocast can be found here

Not ready to let go of the championship celebration and move on with life?  Neither are we. The HOOS Place Studio Crew got together to exult and discuss some of the salient issues arising from the championship game. Seattle Hoo uses the Moretti Infinity (it is his ambition to name Big Bang Theory episodes) as an excuse to go all Jay Bilas on instant replay, and the Crew tackle some of the game's big moments.

HOOS Place Studio can be found on a number o...

I'm Fine. Finally.

Posted on April 12, 2019, in The Team by StLouHoo.

What a feeling.

All of my pregame preview responsibilities, the X's and O's analysis, the opponent roster research, it's over for the season. Whereas from November to March/April, each game's completion has meant for me "on to the next," as Seattle and Aaron handle the recaps and postgame breakdowns. But now there is no "next game" about which to write. Oh, sure, I'll quickly pivot into "next season" or "next recruit" territory with my coverage, but for the mome...