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Department: Football

A Game of Rivals

Posted on September 21, 2018, in Football by Karl Hess.

The road trip for the home game in Tennessee was successful. And now the Hoos return to Scott Stadium for everyone's favorite manufactured rivalry. The deep, persistent hatred between Virginia and cross division rival Louisville is well known in college football circles. There was that time when...hmm. Oh, but everyone remembers...no, wait. And who can forget...SMH. 

It's semi well known that I'd happily ship the Cards off to the AAC or reboot the old ...

State of the Lines: Defense

Posted on September 18, 2018, in Football by StLouHoo.

Talk to UVA fans this football season and you'll hear a lot of complaining about our line play, both offensive and defensive. The O-Line isn't giving Perkins enough time, or it's not opening up consistent holes for Ellis. The D-Line isn't generating a pass rush or shutting down opponent running attacks without tons of help from the linebackers. These critiques aren't wholly without merit, as we fully expected going into this season the O- and D-Lines were going to be challenges at times.

Hunting Bobcats in Tennessee

Posted on September 14, 2018, in Football by Karl Hess.

A gnarly weather forecast in Charlottesville due to Hurricane Florence has the Hoos on the move this week for an impromptu road trip to Nashville. Despite the location, the opponent will still be the Bobcats of Ohio, the preseason MAC favorite according to their league coaches. Known for a stout running game, what will it take for UVA to earn their second win of the season?

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