Department: The Team

Today is the first day of the early signing period for NCAA basketball, when entering class of 2019 recruits are able to sign their National Letters of Intent. Once those letters are received by the schools, the coaches can comment publicly on the players for the first time.  Both of the University of Virginia's 2019 recruits, Casey Morsell and Kadin Shedrick, are expected to sign today.  To mark the occasion, HOOS Place presents our Scouting Videos on the two players.

Once upon a time I sat in front of my TV and watched my guts get slowly pulled out in front of me.  Nine years ago, to be quasi-exact.  As any hockey fan knows, there's no better postseason anywhere than the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And as any Red Wings fan knows, the playoffs are an annual rite of spring that almost always end with your guts on the floor.  They're there because you once had the legitimate, real hope that this was the year Stanley would come home.  Occasionally it happened.  Four times in my life so far, actually.  (Stanley is hoisted by team after team, faithfully, every year, but somehow it only looks right when the winged wheel is under...

One last update.

It's the eve of the season, and we've spent the last few weeks rolling out a litany of hoops content. We've looked hard at our team. We've looked hard at the rest of the ACC. We've done so to paint you the most complete picture of who this Hoo squad is going into the year, what we can expect from it, and how it fits into a bigger college basketball picture.