Department: Soccer(W)

Either the Big 12 doesn't have a TV network a’ la the ACC or the PAC 12, or the Big 12 cares even less about women (or soccer), but the UVa vs Baylor Sweet 16 tournament game was “broadcast” over Facebook Live and it was a guy with a single camcorder on a tripod.


Virginia was one of seven ACC teams to advance to the Sweet 16 with a penalty kick win over Texas Tech on the neutral field of Baylor. It was a ragged performance as UVa was the only team to advance without having scored a goal in regulation.  **Plus the only highlights of the game on the Internet! **


Imagine that it is the first round of March Madness and the Hoos are set to play their first round game. Only Ty Jerome isn't playing. In fact, he hasn't dressed out and he spends the game between the team bench and a box seat.  The game result almost doesn't matter: how many questions would Coach Bennett have to answer about Jerome's absence?