Department: The ACC

It's time to wind down our 2019-20 preseason basketball coverage. We've looked long and hard at our new and returning players. We've waxed nostalgic over last year's magical run. We've surveyed the landscape of this year's ACC. The only thing left after this is the Syracuse game preview.

So this is our space for our writers to share their final thoughts on the eve of a new season. We give them no rules to let them speak whatever's on their mind, their hopes, the...

It's an annual tradition as part of our Hoos Place previews that we ask our writers to make some preseason bold predictions: three for the Hoos, and another three for the ACC at large. We intend to emphasize the "Bold" in these predictions, no safe outs like predicting Virginia Tech is going to suck this year, but instead being willing to go out on a limb no matter how silly it may look now or come next April. So with that said, let's see what our writers are forecasting:

[Note: a version of this ran in June after the rule changes were announced. It's been updated here as a refresher going into the new season.]


The NCAA rules committee voted to implement some changes to D-1 basketball for this coming year. You can read the article here (link