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StLouHoo joins Val and Seattle, and the whole HOOS Place crew gets into the nitty gritty of the football win over Virginia Tech and berth in the ACC Championship Game, and the basketball team on the eve of the ACC-B1G Challenge. StLou previews Purdue and UNC, while Seattle and Val take stock of the Hoos hoopers based on the data from the first 7 games.


In the 58-46 win over UMass on Saturday, two different UVA players set three screens reminisicent of the graduated big man, Jack Salt.  Here is my tribute to the men and the spirit.

At multiple points in this game, particularly the first half, I mumbled to myself or my girlfriend, "Setting basketball back 60 years."  It was ugly, ugly basketball much of the night - even uglier if you don't love great defense.  The final score was more like an NFL game than a basketball game, and the shooting statistics were about as aesthetic as a homicidal maniac's handiwork.  But at the end of the game, I was really happy and felt positive about the team's performance.  After breaking down the game video, I am even happier and more positive about the team's performance.  It was an opening game performance from which we can actually draw some reasonable conc...