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Mining the Ivies

Posted on January 23, 2020 in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

We rarely talk much recruiting during the basketball season, but I let my brain go down a rabbit hole this week and thought it merited a post. We have three 2020 freshmen signed for next year, guys we recruited and signed over the previous two years. But every spring, UVA is involved in the "late cycle" of recruiting. That's the April/May recruiting cycle that focuses on last-minute high school seniors and transfers. Last year, to us, that meant successful signings of Justin McKoy, Tomas Woldetensae, and Sam Hauser. Francisco Caffaro was a late add in 2018, and in 2017 Tony welcomed Nigel Johnson and Francesco Badocchi at the proverbial 11th hour.

In January of 2018, in an effort to decode why Virginia was in the midst of a seemingly-long recruiting dry spell, I wrote a three part series breaking down the ins and outs of Virginia recruiting on a more macro level. In the second part of that series, which you can read here: (link), I went in-depth on nearly every single factor that works for or against UVA in the recruiting sphere. I wanted primarily to articulate that when recruiting is going well or poor

Virginia got another dose of good news this week with the verbal pledge of 2020 SG/SF Jabri Abdur-Rahim. The New Jersey product is the highest rated recruit Bennett has secured in four years, since the vaunted 2016 class was finalized. So what does this commitment mean for the program?

The Player

Jabri comes with almost too-perfect a profile. 6'-6" with a near 6'-10" wingspan, he perfectly fits the mold of "big guard" that both high major clubs and the NBA covet ...