Coachable Moments

Game Highlights

Tony Bennett saw a coachable moment with six minutes left in the game Sunday and his team ahead by 20.  Just two minutes earlier, that lead had been 31.  If your math skills are as good as mine, you recognize that means George Washington reeled off an 11-0 run.  Eleven points in 2 minutes?  This was after ripping off 8-0 in just over two minutes to start the half.  So with his team up by 20 with just six minutes to go, Tony Bennett put his starters back in.  It wasn't about going for that 40-point margin of victory or kicking your overmatched opponent in the throat a few times when he's down.  It was about what it means to play Virginia Basketball.  You don't throw the ball away, give up open shots and second chances.

Ty Jerome gave George Washington coach Maurice Joseph a coachable moment in the first half when he sat behind the ramparts of a Mamadi Diakite ball screen out in the JPJ parking lot and unlimbered the howitzer.  The poor defender who thought it was safe to go under the screen THREE MILES FROM THE BASKET turned to his coach with his palms up, the universal sign of "How was I supposed to know, Coach?"  Either he didn't read the scouting report, he didn't believe it, or the assistant coach who drew it up failed to write, "Pick up Ty Jerome at the center line.  He's a threat to shoot from anywhere in the offensive zone."  By now everybody should be able to find Tyland on the map.  I believe the United Nations has extended diplomatic recognition.

The referees also contributed a number of coachable moments.  In fact, there were so many play stoppages I was starting to think they thought they were the coaches at a secret scrimmage.  "Ok guys, set it up again."  The encouraging thing was that in the first half, it didn't seem to matter who was sitting in Coach Bennett's Penalty Box, the slaughter on the court continued.  Bennett talked about it after the game, and you could tell he enjoyed having that reinforcement to move the feet and get to the spot.  The way the referees were blowing the whistle, I'm not going to kill Mamadi Diakite and Jay Huff for their two fouls.  Mamadi's first was the kind that makes me throw tufts of hair at the TV (the late hedge).  His second was about as soft as Carvel ice cream after thirty minutes in the sun.  After those quick two in the first half, Mamadi was able to play the rest of the game with only one more foul.

Some Random Observations From a Meaningless Game

We're 2-0 and the players are playing with passion and pride, so it's a very good first week.

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