October 30, 2020

Independent analysis and commentary on UVA athletics

9 hours ago
Hoo fans have been asking for this B1G Challenge matchup for years. Bennett v Izzo, Hauser v Hauser. Going to be Epic. https://t.co/d2MYocgqb2
1 day ago
@hooamp Ooops, good catch. Coincidentally, the game where at least the offense’s TO issues are fixed is the game we keep it close. Now if only the big plays or some havoc TOs go our way, watch out!
2 days ago
An amazingly important statistic, and when combined with our “big play” imbalance, points directly to why we’re on a 4 game losing streak, all by double digits, and shows all three phases share the blame.

Fix TOs, fix big plays, beat Carolina. https://t.co/4cwr0Kalqq
2 days ago
Villanova – 12/19 – Madison Square Garden https://t.co/N73lO4z55d
HoosPlace photo
Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein
Villanova has released its schedule through December 23rd. https://t.co/YnmXf0soku