Final Bowl Projections

Posted on December 6, 2019 in The Team by Karl Hess.

Bowl selections are made on Sunday. Here at HoosPlace, that means that it's time to go on the record with final projections.

Kendall is back this week to pinch hit for Maize.

Note that these selections were made prior to the PAC 12 Championship Game. But Karl was selfishly on vacation this week and could not publish until late Friday night.

A huge opportunity awaits the Virginia football program Saturday night in Charlotte, and the players, coaches, and yes, even fans, should treat it as such.

Obviously, pundits, analysts and the like, including yours truly, give virtually no shot to UVa in this game. I asked my friend what result would make him happy, and he said a loss by 21 points or less. I'm on record saying I'd be ecstatic with that result. I am just hoping Virginia can at least beat the spre...

Whenever the time came, I had a feeling Virginia Tech's long winning streak against Virginia would end with a whimper or with the Hokies fighting and clawing to keep the Commonwealth Cup away from the Wahoos. There'd be no in between.

Early in the season, with UVa rolling and Tech struggling, it looked like it would be possible for that first scenario to play out in reality. But entering Friday's game, with the Hokies having won six of seven games, including two...


Wednesday Reset - Week 15

Posted on December 3, 2019 in The Team by StLouHoo.

Week 14 is in the books with the Hoos taking the proverbial next step, beating VT and winning the Division . Time to recap the win and take one last look at the rest of the Division:


Quick Hit Thoughts from the Game

I know, I said last week that it would be my last of the year. Couldn't help myself. You get one more, you'll unde...

If you asked what a perfect season for UVA football would be, it'd certainly include the following: Beat Tech.  Beat Carolina.  Beat Maryland.  (On a related note: please DIAF, realignment.)  Win the Coastal Division.  Win the ACC CG.  Play in the Orange Bowl (normally reserved for the ACC champ.)  A berth in the playoff would be nice, and a national championship would be nice (or mind-bendingly amazing, but, same thing.)  But football's a different animal from basketball, and UVA will always have a cliff to climb in recruiting against the Amazon River of bag money that flows to players at schools like Alabama and Ohio State.


The Streak Is Dead

Posted on November 29, 2019 in The Team by Hooamp.

"That streak is over."

And with that simple yet powerful sentence, an emotional Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall -- hugging heroic quarterback Bryce Perkins -- told the sideline reporter with words, but more importantly, tone of voice, what he thought of Virginia Tech's now-dead 15-game winning streak against UVa as Wahoo faithful rushed the field in glee following the Cavaliers' 39-30, come-from-behind-three-times win on Black Friday.

If you're reading this preview, the Virginia-Virginia Tech rivalry needs no introduction. The football programs may respect each other at the coach and administrative levels. But the players certainly do not like one another. And the fans? They can barely contain their disdain for the opposing side.

The athletic programs may compete hard in other sports. But in football, it's just different.

As the regular season winds down, there is at least some clarity regarding which teams will actually be eligible to participate in bowl games this year. There are still a ton of variables at play that will begin sorting themselves out this weekend. Those variables will go a long way towards determining the matchups.

We could sit around and wait for that. Or we could speculate wildly. Being wrong has never stopped us before and it won't now. On to the speculating...


Wednesday Reset - Week 14

Posted on November 27, 2019 in The Team by StLouHoo.

Week 13 is in the books with the Hoos getting a comfortable win over Liberty. Time to recap the win and take one last look at the rest of the Division:


Quick Hit Thoughts from the Game

Virginia has hit eight wins in Novemer for the first time in eight years. The last time we did so was when we picked up our 8th win in Talla...

Bryce Perkins threw two touchdown passes, De'Vante Cross had two interceptions on his birthday weekend, and a trio of Cavaliers scored their first career touchdowns as Virginia took care of business against Liberty, 55-27, on Saturday at Scott Stadium.

Oh, and linebacker Charles Snowden had a 24-yard catch-and-run.