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The Bounce Back

When last we saw our heroes, their leader was telling us that "Resiliency has been their strength, and now it will be tested in a way that I don't think they thought it would have to be tested." Top sharpshooter Kyle Guy was saying "It will be easy for us to bounce back." When they said it, the time seemed so far off, on the other end of an eternal chasm of ridicule and despair, of "if onlys" and "what ifs".  Well, now it is here.

"The Bounce Back"

2018-19 Virginia Basketball Season Preview

"The Bounce Back" contains all the information you need to help you follow along as our Hoos write their story of 2018-19.  It will be the last for senior Jack Salt.  It could be the last for several other players who might have professional opportunities next spring.  We're here to help you make the most of it, with:

Raising The New Standard: Virginia Football 2018

"The New Standard" is the motto that head coach Bronco Mendenhall has created for his program.  His players have bought in and adopted it as their own mantra.  We here at HOOS Place take them seriously.  This football season is about Virginia Football raising a New Standard.

Follow along as we look at the roster, the state of the program's development, and the schedule for this football season.

In their second year, the Bronco Mendenhall Virginia Cavaliers won six games and went to a bowl game for the first time since Mike London's second year.  Is another bowl in the Cavaliers' sights this season?  Defensive leaders Quin Blanding and Micah Kiser, and quarterback Kurt Benkert are fighting for NFL jobs this summer, while their replacements hope to keep the Cavaliers moving onward and upward.  Who will the stars be?

The HOOS Place crew breaks down each positional unit and looks at the offense and defense as wholes.  Taking a look at the teams in the Hoos' schedule, we provide an analytical forecast of chance of success in each game.

Front cover background image was taken of Jameel Sewell by Wikipedia user Queerbubbles and used under a Creative Commons license. Thanks to Queerbubbles for making the image available for others to use.

The Mission: Situation Report at the Beginning of the ACC Campaign

Back before fall practice even started, Nigel Johnson made the declaration:

We at HOOS Place took that to heart and put out our First Annual HOOS Place Virginia Basketball Season Preview, titled "The Mission" in honor of Nigel's declaration. The season is now well underway and The Mission has reached the completion of its first stage. At the close of the non-conference schedule and literally on the eve of the ACC season, we can evaluate the non-conference campaign and see if the objectives have been met.

In this SitRep: Pre-ACC Season Review, we will delve into the following:

The SitRep is available to our Friends as a Webzine here on the site, and as a PDF eBook. For those who are not yet Hoo Friends, a $5+ donation brings access to The SitRep and all other HOOS Place publications and media.

Prepare yourself for the thrilling ACC campaign as the Hoos fight for championships!

The Mission: 2017-18 Virginia Basketball Season Preview

The Hoos' mission is winning championships. Here at HOOS Place, our mission is to provide you the best Basketball Season Preview for Virginia fans. In its pages you will find:

But we’re not just covering Virginia. You can’t be fully prepared without knowing the opposition, and we have that covered:

To make sure you can follow along all season, we have included a Non-Conference Viewing Guide and game-by-game predictions for the whole schedule!

The Mission is available to you, our Friends, as a Webzine here on the site, and as a PDF eBook. The general public and Hoo Friends can also purchase a print magazine for home delivery. Competitively priced at $15, the full-color printed book will be your couch-side reference for the 2017-18 Wahoo Mission!