Hitting the Keys

We decided to do something this season immediately after games: Take a look back at StLouHoo's "Keys to the Game" from his preview and see how well the team did on those keys and how integral to the outcome those keys were.  For today's tilt with the James Madison Dukes from the other side of Afton Mountain, StLou identified the following keys:

Before Virginia's home matchup Saturday against the Ivy League's Lions, StLouHoo identified these keys:

1) Set the Mong00se loose.

2) 3-point shooting: Try and try again.

In his game preview, StLouHoo identified these three keys:

1) Pop out the bigs.

The HOOS Place Preview Prognosticator, StLouHoo, identified the following three factors as being key to securing the victory:

1) Kill them on the glass, both ends

The Hoos squared off against Arizona State with the Air Force Reserve Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off championship up for grabs. As usual, StLouHoo did a stellar job previewing the championship game against the Sun Devils. His three key factors in this game were:

1) Ball Security.

In his preview of Virginia's 46-26 exsanguination of the Maine Black Bears, StLouHoo identified his three keys of the game:

1) Attack the passing lanes.

There is a very strong impulse to forget this one. It will go down in the annals of most humiliating losses in Virginia Basketball history.  No way around it.  From the head coach to the guy on the end of the bench, the Purdue Boilermakers spanked the Cavaliers with a steel girder.  Before the game, StLouHoo identified three keys the Hoos would have to hit in order to come away with the win:

The game preview for the Tar Heels almost writes itself by now as Roy Williams always has the same plan.  StLouHoo set the following as his three keys:

1) Defend the glass.

The Cavaliers struggled with Stony Brook, with some of the points made by StLouHoo in his preview being the reasons why.  StLou told us that they had some good rim protecting bigs and they would shoot the three, and we saw Mouhamadou Gueye use his 6-9 height and long arms to shut down the Cavalier inside game for stretches of this contest, forcing the Hoos to look for other answers. StLou's three keys for the Hoos were:

In Virginia's last P5 non-conference game of this first 20-conference-games season, the South Carolina Gamecocks made their return visit to the JPJ.  In his preview, StLouHoo set out his three "Keys to getting the win:"

1) Ball security.

The Cavaliers struggled through an unexpectedly tough battle with Navy, which at one point it appeared they could actually lose. Ultimately, they prevailed when Kihei Clark and Braxton Key ignited a 12-0 run largely in transition. "Get out in transition" was not one of StLouHoo's Keys to Getting the Win, which were:

1) Defend the glass.

For Virginia's first road game since the Purdue debacle, StLouHoo set out in his preview three things the Hoos needed to do to come away with the win:

1) Limit turnovers.