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Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of grades articles because I consider them presumptuous, only minimally analytical and editorially lazy.  But hey, I can be as presumptuous as the next guy, my brain is tired, and I'm feeling lazy right now, so here is a grades article.



Last year there was nary a prognostication about this team, but that it was prefaced with “if Key gets his waiver.”  The NCAA worked with its usual sense of urgency and granted Key his waiver with a few days to go before the first game.  The Alabama transfer was immediately inserted into the starting lineup, although he eventually found a home coming off the bench as the lineup solidified.  This did not result in a major loss of minutes, though.  Despite scoring in double digits only four times, Key was a huge cog in the machine, giving Tony Bennett consistently good minutes.  He was rewarded with some truly memorable moments in the national ...