Tag: Stony Brook (Basketball(M), December 18, 2019)

The Cavaliers struggled with Stony Brook, with some of the points made by StLouHoo in his preview being the reasons why.  StLou told us that they had some good rim protecting bigs and they would shoot the three, and we saw Mouhamadou Gueye use his 6-9 height and long arms to shut down the Cavalier inside game for stretches of this contest, forcing the Hoos to look for other answers. StLou's three keys for the Hoos were:

With the conclusion of this game, the Virginia v America East Challenge has come to an end, with UVa sporting a 3 – 0 record. Like Vermont, the Stony Brook Seawolves acquitted themselves well, keeping the score very close until the 6-minute mark of the second half. So what are the takeaways from the game?