Tag: @ Florida St. (Basketball(M), January 15, 2020)

In this belated episode, Val updates us on the men's and women's soccer players who got drafted and how the teams might recover next year, allowing Seattle to segue into basketball. Seattle and Val break down the basketball team's last three games - the loss at Florida State, win at Georgia Tech, then the demoralizing defeat at the paws of the NC State Wolfpack. Stay tuned for some rambling overview of the talent and coaching challenges, with some theoretical discourse you might find either enlightening or purely hubristic. We end with a quick look at the football schedule.

Virginia traveled to Tallahassee to take on the kind of Florida State that always gives us fits: fast, deep, and long and rangy on the wings. We’re starting to hear about NCAA seedings and the need for “quality” wins, which a victory over the #10 Seminoles would be. Alas, the standard woes that have plagued this team were on full display on Wednesday.



Seminole Weaknesses?

Posted on January 14, 2020 in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

Our pre-game analyst StLouHoo has a dim outlook on this one for the Hoos - and why not? FSU has an excellent defense, aggressive offense, and they are winning their ACC games by double-digit points. Why, then, do the analytics sites see this as a closer game than does homer StLouHoo?

FSU has some weaknesses that make this not such an open-and-shut ...