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It's been a little more than two months since Virginia won the national championship. It's amazing to sit back and think about how the team's tournament run unfolded, especially the last three games. It's still unbelievable to think that so many things had to go right for the Wahoos to win the title, and they did. For the first time, it felt like Virginia was the one getting the breaks.

Seattle Hoo put his legal research and analysis skills to good work getting an understanding of the process college undergraduates go through to enter the NBA Draft, and maintain their eligibility for NCAA competition if they so choose.  Then he and host Valentine look at the prospects of Virginia's four prospects.

The NCAA memorandum referenced in the hoocast can be found here

The anatomy of winning a close game

Posted on April 15, 2019, in The Team by Hooamp.

It's been a week since the unthinkable happened and the Virginia Cavaliers won the 2019 NCAA men's basketball championship. Ten years ago, spring of my third year at the school, Dave Leitao completed his last season coaching the program, and the team won 10 games. Not 10 ACC games. Ten total games. What an amazing decade it has been.

Has it sunk in for you yet? It is all still pretty surreal to me, but having now bought -- ahem -- four T-shirts, a pennant, multi...