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Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of grades articles because I consider them presumptuous, only minimally analytical and editorially lazy.  But hey, I can be as presumptuous as the next guy, my brain is tired, and I'm feeling lazy right now, so here is a grades article.


The defining moment, for me, of Mamadi Diakite’s redshirt sophomore year was of him staying high on a hedge, doubling Miami’s Chris Lykes, 40 feet from the basket, and reaching in.  Diakite is 6’9”.  Chris Lykes is 5’7”.  Of course it was a foul.

The defining moment of last year was starting, and then ending, the Dia – Kihei Miracle, and sinking a 10 foot teardrop over the outstretched arms of 7’3&rd...